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Title: MAS-Zine
Publisher: Kanallje Press
Editor(s): Anne Blue
Date(s): 2000-2004
Series?: yes
Medium: Ezine, print
Fandom: Original Slash, original yaoi, yaoi
Language: English
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MAS-Zine is a slash and yaoi zine edited by Anne Blue[1] which published original slash and original yaoi stories and art. It also published two works of yaoi fanfiction and one work of gay fiction. Its tagline was "Men loving Men fiction with dark elements."[2]

From a one-time distributor, Agent With Style: "If you like M/M romance with non-consensual and violent elements, then these slash zines are for you! These stories, containing both yaoi and original fiction, deal with controversial topics like M/M rape, non-consensual sex, abuse, hurt/comfort and dominant/submissive relationships, set off with thoughtful themes, creative characterization, skillful style and plots that'll make your heart pound so hard you'll need to splash water on yourself afterwards!"

The zine's "About Us" page said: "MAS-Zine offers you stories that show you the darker side of life, dealing with topics like slavery, imprisonment and prostitution. But we're romantics at heart, showing how love can bloom in such unlikely places."

MAS-Zine was issued by Kanallje Press, which also published the annual Yaoi-Con Anthology for Yaoi-Con.

MAS-Zine was originally published as a CD-zine. Later, its issues were distributed as electronic downloads and in printed form. The zine was honored with Screwz Awards in 2003 and 2004.

MAS stands for 'Male Abuse Stuff', originating from the Yahoo list which was so aptly named by Juxian Tang in an attempt to determine the category of stories and discussions that list members were are interested in.

Issue 1

MAS-Zine #1 "Juxian Tang: The Darker Side" - Summer 2002

artwork on the CD version, artist: Jessica
  • Space Opera by Juxian Tang (Novel). Illustration by Jessica. Genetically engineered slaves are the latest cry among the rich and powerful. Kai, one of those exotic and submissive creatures, has the bad luck to have his master executed by revengful aliens and himself thrown to the mutinous crew for entertainment… only to find unexpected shelter in the arms of the tough young Officer Radek. But will they be able to stand up against the rest?
  • Lover of Death by Juxian Tang (Novel). He has arrived at the rundown brothel, in the slums of Old Toyko, whipped and bleeding and still covered in the lavish silks of a courtier. Tomo knows he should keep his distance – for this can only be the mysterious favorite of the Shogun who is being taught a lesson by his cruel lover…

From the editorial:
"We're not squeamish. ^-^

We're not squeamish. ^-^

We like M/M romance with non-consensual and violent elements.
The stories in this issue with controversial topics like M/M rape, non-consensual sex, abuse, hurt/comfort, dominant/submissive relationships.
We believe that the ingredients which make a good story for MAS-Zine are the same ingredients which make any good literature: Thoughtful themes. Creative characterization. Skillful style. And plots that make your heart pound so hard that you'll need to splash water on yourself afterwards.
MAS-Zine is a publication for adults. Please heed the warnings.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2 by BlackRose
Yaoi-Con cover of issue #2

MAS-Zine #2 "Bishonen in Peril" (Yaoi-Con edition) - Autumn 2002. Winner of the SCREWZ Award.

After issue #1, the fanzine was spotted by Susan from who was a fan of Juxian's writing, and the organizer of Yaoi-con. She offered the editor the opportunity to present the fanzine to a bigger audience at San Francisco's Yaoi-Con in October 2002.

  • Wasteland by Becca Abbott - Ai no Kusabi. Guy has destroyed the lives of Iason, leader of the Blondie Elite, and Iason's Pet, Riki. To punish Guy, Iason gives the angry young mongrel to his friend Raoul, a cold and deadly rapist of minds. When their world is threatened by a danger, only Guy can save the Blondies - but why should he help his enemies?
  • Debt Price by Heather Elizabeth Peterson. cover by Black Rose. No one would pay his debt price. So he tried to pay it himself, giving the men who visited his prison cell the only thing he could offer: his body. But one man would require more.
  • Expulsion by Remy. art by Helm. Joran was the second son, his Aristo father's favorite. But his mother was never legally freed, and when the old man dies, Joran's elder brother Aerne returns to set things right. Suddenly everything Joran has taken for granted is gone, and he is forced into the harsh world that always existed underneath his former luxurious life – the world of the slaves of his brother's manor.
  • Lynn by Francesca. illustration by Francesca. Lukas is a modern man, well-educated, middle-class – a liberal. Lynn is a pleasure slave. Born and bred to serve. Maltreated by his last owner he has learned his lesson – and is determined to make Lukas his perfect master...
  • Predator and Prey by Amanda02. Hunted by the old and mighty Vampire Calen, young Parrish seems to be an easy victim. But he too is a hunter and killer of men.
  • Black Feathers by MadamHydra. Prince Kaylin returns from a successful military expedition with an unexpected prize – a winged male called Skya. Unlike other members of the Imperial Court, Kaylin has never shown any interest in collecting exotic slaves, but for unknown reasons, he chooses to claim official ownership of Skya. It soon becomes apparent that a terrible secret lurks at the heart of Kaylin's and Skya's relationship. However, the Imperial Court of Korenth harbors many secrets and dangers of its own…

Issue 3

cover issue #3 by Helm

MAS-Zine #3 "Strappado de Luxe" - May 2003. It was featured in an Aestheticism review. [3]

  • Pathfinder by Rushlight. illustrated by Tammy Lee, Umbrella Studios. The young pathfinder Shai desperately needs a genetically suitable partner to prevent his extrasensory talents from running amok. Unfortunately Kalil, one of the town's brutal crime-lords, fits the description.
  • Lament pour le Blond by Briony. illustrated by Marta, ArtDungeon. In the dark times of the early Middle Ages, Berin, the Commander of Skarrin Guard, falls into the treacherous claws of his powerful uncle, Bishop Langeric de Decran.
  • Fortress by Becca Abbott. Yaoi (Ai no Kusabi). illustrated by Dori from Pomegranate Studio. Sequel to "Wasteland" from MAS-Zine #2! Iason is the leader of the ruling class, the Blondies, and beloved son of the all-powerful artificial intelligence called Jupiter. Who does forgives him anything – but a conflict of loyalty.
  • Redemption Redemption by Remy. illustrated by Helm, Crimson Chimera. A society built on slavery – and Joran, the young Aristo, has fallen deep as deep as one can and still survive. Sequel to Expulsion from MAS-Zine #2.
  • Unicorns by C. E. Gatchalian. illustrated by Agnes,
  • Forced Surrender by Tricia from illustrated by P.L.Nunn, Bishonenworks. The young sorcerer Hadrian is hunted by most of the land after he was forced by his father to participate in the destroyment of the city of Rhiad. Caled, a mercenary who lost family and friends in the attack is now his reluctant traveling companion. His lust for revenge is only being thwarted by a Life-bond that prevents him from killing Hadrian but Caled is nothing if not inventive.
  • Barbarians by Heather Elizabeth Peterson. Vovim was renowned for its strong monarchy, for its love of the theater, and for its skill in the art of torture. In other words, it had all the qualities needed to become a civilized nation. But would anyone be willing to defy Vovim's tyrannical king? And if they did, would they survive?
  • Hidden by Heather Elizabeth Peterson. He had been given the kindest, gentlest torturer in the dungeon. The prisoner was left with only one hope: that he could teach his torturer how to be cruel.

Issue 4

cover issue #4 by H.M.Ogburn

MAS-Zine #4 "Pirates!" - November 2003. In this issue: 2 novels, 1 novella, 1 shortstory

  • The Memory Made Flesh by Lewis Katsukawa. Severin, the young and sheltered son of a Loyalist plantation owner, is forced to flee his home in South Carolina during the turmoil of post-revolutionary America. Penniless and drunk on a ship to England, he is captured during a pirate raid by the handsome former redcoat, Captain Steele. At the mercy of this increasingly obsessed man, Severin fights a losing battle, pitted against the dark secrets of Steele's violent past.
  • Shark Calling by Tyellas. A backpacker's search for adventure entangles him in an island coup, placing him at the mercy of the South Pacific's human predators.
  • The New Boy by Heather Elizabeth Peterson. In a world where temples are dying and sacred theaters have been replaced by brothels, what will happen when a hard-headed businessman joins forces with an idealist? The first part of a new series, Michael's House. Continued in MAS-Zine #5.
  • Piracy Laws by M.Jones - To serve on the "Anchorage" is an honor for any young officer. But little does Pel know that his first voyage will lead him into the heart of darkess.

Issue 5

This zine appears to have been both published in two parts, and as a single issue (over 370 pages). See the talk page.

See for the single issue flyer.

cover of issue #5, part 1 by Agnes

MAS-Zine #5 - "The Wicked Ones (Part 1) - May 2004. It contains 165 pages.

  • Offstage (42 pages) by Heather Elizabeth Peterson. Michael's House is facing ruin -- unless one of the partners falls back on old ways ...This is the second story of the series. The first story "The New Boy" was published in MAS-Zine #4
  • When Nightlings Dream (85 pages) by Natsume U. Mind-wiped Kail is at the mercy of Doctor Simmons, the director of Warwick Asylum. His future seems hopeless until Lord Ryanthis appears -- will he save him or will Kail suffer a fate even more horrible in his hands?
  • The Serrvant of Inari (8 pages)
  • Only Sleeping (26 pages)
cover of issue #5, part 2

MAS-Zine #5 - "The Wicked Ones (Part 2)". This fanzine was published in 2004 and is 192 pages long.

  • Your Darkest Desire (20 pages) by Tricia and Heartfelt. Finn, a young stripper, is a suspect in a murdercase. But that is not why detective John Stonebrook finds himself obsessed with him ...
  • Sworn (63 pages)
  • Sobell (83 pages)
  • Dark and Light (25 pages) by Paladin. After Tequa, crown-prince of the dark elves, has rescued a beautiful light elf from certain death in the arena and made him his slave -- he finds both of them at the center of an intrigue at the royal Dark Elven court.

THE SERVANT OF INARI by Tyellas A love triangle of a guardsman, a young prince, and a trickster fox-spirit.

ALEXANDER'S RIVER by Patricia Fuller (aka SpiralSea) "Was there ever a time when you wished for another life? That you wished you'd never known me?"

SOBELL by Trece Angelo (art by P.L.Nunn) Kydan is a slave and the favorite of his mage-blooded master Lord Ronic. When a newly captured foreign soldier is brought to the estate all those fairy tales of freedom and rebellion become threatening reality.

ONLY SLEEPING by Lewis Katsukawa Cam needs shelter, food and a place to sleep -- the cold and beautiful Sterling has all that to offer but what he demands as payment is more than the young streetwalker bargained for.

SWORN by Camilla Bruce Thomas knows that there's a chunk of his life missing. Something about his childhood, something that happened in the old orphanage for boys that his father ran, something so dark and horrible that the ghost of it had manifested to drag him down to hell.


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