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Name: Juxian Tang
Alias(es): juxiantang
Type: fan writer, reccer, moderator
Fandoms: Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Highlander, Hercules & Xena, The X-Files, Ai no Kusabi, Gundam Wing, Fushigi Yuugi, Original Fiction, others
Communities: MaleAbuseStuff
URL: Juxian Tang's Fiction (fanfic page)
Juxian Tang's Favorites (recs page)
juxiantang at LiveJournal
Juxian Tang at FanFiction.Net
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Juxian Tang is a slash and yaoi fanfiction author who has been active in many fandoms. She is known for writing darkfic, especially that containing "male rape, torture and worse things".[1]

MAS-list & MAS-Zine

Juxian Tang was the founder of the now defunct Yahoo! group MaleAbuseStuff (a.k.a. MAS-list), for fanfiction and original fiction for "rape-fics, torture-fics, extreme angst stories, etc."[2]

MAS-list led to the creation of MAS-Zine, an original slash and original yaoi ezine with "dark elements". The first issue of the ezine was published in mid-2002 and titled Juxian Tang: The Darker Side. It contained two original novels by Juxian Tang and was published by Juxian and Anne Blue. Subsequent issues were edited by Anne Blue alone.[3]

Notable Fanfiction


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