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Recommendation Website
Name: Know it Alls
Reccer(s): harmony_bites, painless_j, Gioia, Bambu, etc.
Dates: 2006 - present
Focus: fanfiction recs
Fandom: Harry Potter

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Know it Alls is a Harry Potter fanfiction recs site that provides a large number of recs by a variety of reccers.

Welcome, dear readers, to Know it Alls. We will strive to find the best in Harry Potter fanfiction. We know that it’s a jungle out there, and for those of you with more discriminating taste, and not much time, it’s difficult to get to the good stuff. We will be your guide into the world that is Harry Potter fanfiction. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy…[1]

As of February 2012, there are 2,840 total recs in 335 categories (primarily different ships and genres). The most common pairings are Snape/Hermione (650 fics), Harry/Snape (355 fics), and Harry/Draco (294 fics).[2]


Becoming a reccer (or a Know-It-All) is invitation-only, but anyone who registers can post their own rec on the "Suggestions" page.[3]

There are currently over 20 official reccers: clare009, AlbaLark, Micawber, argosy, Bambu, Britt1975, darth_luna, Gioia, harmony_bites, jandjsalmon, Jay Tryfanstone, Keket_Amunet, Kelly Chambliss, painless_j, Phoebe Caulfield, rosepddle, rumpelsnorcack, silburygirl, SnarkyWench, Wade Scott, woldy, wonderfulchild


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