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Name: The Titanium Whip Awards
Date(s): 2006-2007
Frequency: annual
Type: fan fiction, online
Associated Community:
Fandom: Multiple Fandoms
URL: Award Website
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The Titanium Whip Awards are awards designed to recognize fan fiction that focuses on BDSM themes. The awards ran for at least two consecutive years (2006 & 2007). It is unclear if any awards were given after 2007 or if they are currently active.

Award Categories

  • Best Drabble (under 500words)
  • Best Established Relationship
  • Best Extreme BDSM (E.G. knife play, breath play, branding, etc.)
  • Best Fantasy/Role Play (The Rent Boy and his John; The cop and the prisoner; kidnap fantasy... etc)
  • Best Fetish (From the well known - foot, hair, leather etc; to the obscure - Acrophlia, Bastinado, etc)
  • Best First time (The first time the characters have sex/scene)
  • Best Holiday/Celebration (christmas, halloween, bring your pet to work day)
  • Best Humour (Kink but with a humorous twist)
  • Best Hurt/Comfort
  • Best Loveslave!Fic (consensual slavery)
  • Best Romance
  • Best Spanking scene (contains spanking of some variety, any type: hand, paddle, flogger...)
  • Best Slave!Fic (non-consensual slavery – the sex itself doesn’t have to be non-con, but the slavery arrangement does)
  • Best Use of Toys (traditional toys, paddles, whips, clamps, dildos, etc)
  • Cleverest Crossover(Where two or more fandoms collide)
  • Ingenious Pervertables (Pervertable = an item that isn't normally sex related perverted for use as a toy, EG Spanking with a wooden spoon)
  • Most Angst
  • Most Diabetic Coma Inducing (Sugary sweet fic (fluff), or ending, that should come with a warning for diabetics)
  • Most Intense Scene (not necessarily the most hardcore, but it leaves you gasping for air at the end)
  • Most Promising Newcomer - for an author's first fic with a BDSM flavour.

2007 Awards??[1]

  • Best Overall Award: Control Theory by Rebecca
  • Best Drabble: Soundproof by Skripka
  • Best Established Relationship - Slash: General & Dr Sheppard by Xanthe
  • Best Established Relationship - Other: Presents for my Lover by Veronica
  • Best Extreme BDSM: TV & Movies - Slash:Midnight Summons by rentgirl 2
  • Best Extreme BDSM: TV & Movies - Other:No More Than You by Erotisan
  • Best Extreme BDSM: Books – Slash: Wicked Ways by BeElleGee
  • Best Fantasy/Roleplay Fic: Attention To Detail by Ana
  • Best Fetish Fic: Saiyuki Serial:Beautifully Broken Evolution by Irondog
  • Best First Time – Het: Whispers On A Breeze by Elisabeth
  • Best First Time – Slash:Coming Home by Xanthe
  • Best First Time – Multi: Control Theory by Rebecca
  • Best Holiday/Celebration Fic: What Do You Get The Death Eater Who Has Everything - Amanuensis
  • Best Humour Fic: Doctor’s Orders by Xanthe
  • Best Hurt/Comfort Fic: In The City Of Seven Walls by Auburn
  • Best Love Slave Fic:24/7 by Xanthe
  • Best Original Fic: Verdict by Parhelion
  • Best Romance – Het: Silken Ties by W6C
  • Best Romance – Slash: General & Dr Sheppard by Xanthe
  • Best Slave Fic: TV & Movies - Slash: In The City Of Seven Walls by Auburn
  • Best Slave Fic: TV & Movies - Other:Shattered Shards by Perverted Pages
  • Best Slave Fic: Books – Slash: And Just Plain Wrong & Damage Control by Amanuensis & Juxian Tang
  • Best Spanking Scene – Het: Twenty by Rebecca
  • Best Spanking Scene – Slash:Coming Home (ch5) by Xanthe
  • Best Use of Toys – Slash: A to Z by azure chaos
  • Best Use of Toys – Other: Hando's Slide by Bridgid Morgan *Correction*(Admin Apologies for mistake - no banner yet, will follow soon.)
  • Cleverest Crossover:I Have Seen The Face of God by Ruth
  • Ingenious Pervertables – Het:Silken Ties by W6C
  • Ingenious Pervertables – Slash: Toys 1-4 by Lit Gal
  • Most Angst: TV & Movies: Midnight Summons by rentgirl 2
  • Most Angst: Books: And Just Plain Wrong & Damage Control by Amanuensis & Juxian Tang
  • Most Diabetic Coma Inducing: Without a Trace Romanology, Scroll 4 by the tenth muse
  • Most Intense Scene – Slash:The Red Curtain by dustandroses
  • Most Intense Scene – Other: No More Than You by Erotisan
  • Most Promising Newcomer:The Lady and the Tiger by c_woodhaven

Best Overall Award

  • Winner:Control Theory by Rebecca
  • Runner Up:Coming Home (Chaper 5) by Xanthe
  • 3rd:General & Dr Sheppard by Xanthe
  • 4th:24/7 by Xanthe
  • 5th:And Just Plain Wrong & Damage Control by Amanuensis & Juxian Tang

2007 Nominated Fiction??[2]

(Someone else can do the cleanup on this - my edits were wiped out as I was working in draft mode. Yikes!).


A Chains Christmas

A Moment's Indiscretion

A to Z

And Just Plain Wrong & Damage Control


Attention to Detail

Back From the Well

Bad Day

Balance of Power


Beautiful Broken

Because No One Must Know

Belted Plaid


Bound to Love

Bound to the Law

Breach of Trust

Brought to Heel


Child of the Night

Clean Cut

Clean Sweep

Close Your Eyes

Collateral Damage

Coming Home

Coming Home - Ch5: The Training Collar

Control Theory

CSI New York Romanology, Scroll 2

Cycle of Life

Dangerous Liaisons (Escorts series)

Dark Stranger



Discoveries and Experiments


Doctor's Orders

The Doll House

Drabble Tree



Enslavement of Jim

Escape Me Never

Finding Sherlock

For Your Own Good


Game Plan

General & Dr Sheppard


Guilty Pleasure

Hando's Slide

Hired Man

Hot Tub a-Rama

I Have Seen The Face Of God

Imaginative Use of a Hair Dryer

In the City of Seven Walls

The Janitor


Knights, Werewolves, Vampires, oh my!!!

The Lady and The Tiger

Last One Standing

Like Water, Lying

Little Man

Man Servant

Midnight Summons

Mile High


No More Than You

Northern Corporate Dominion

Of Sturgeons and Switches

One Hell of a Good Fuck


Pointless Pandering Porn: Van Transaction

Power Play

Presents For My Lover

Prisoner of Imladris

Quill And Ink

The Red Curtain


Runaway Runaway: Chapter 7 - Spike's Pet

Saiyuki Serial:Beautifully Broken Evolution

The Seduction


SGA Drabble


Shattered Shards

Silken Ties

Slave of My Heart

Small Tortures

Smut Remix!




Ten Things I'd Do With You If We Weren't Friends

The Third Man

Ties That Bind

Toys 1-4


Twas the Friday Night before Christmas and all through the White House





What Do You Get For the Death Eater Who Has Everything?


Whispers On A Breeze

Wicked Ways

Without a Trace Romanology, Scroll 4

Xander's Slavedom