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Title: 24/7
Author(s): Xanthe
Date(s): 21 September 1999
Length: 622,519 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: The X-Files (2 stories of the verse are crossovers with NCIS)
External Links: 24/7 (Xanthe.org)
24/7 (AO3)

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24/7 is an X-Files story by Xanthe. She later wrote additional stories in this universe.

Summary: A Skinner/Mulder, Master/slave fantasy. Mulder finally finds someone who will give him the extreme thrills that he seeks, but there’s a high price to be paid. Extract: “He felt as if was spinning out of control, seeking ever...

At one point, it was to have been a print zine published by Agent With Style.

Reactions and Reviews


I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I've read this series and not rec it here. The number is just too amazingly high... It's Skinner/Mulder in a lovely master/slave relationship. Words just fail me. rec: April 2002[1]


I just finished reading this for the second time (I started about a week ago), the first time being months ago. To all 24/7 newbies, hang in there, it is worth every word of angst. I cried harder this time, in that wonderful way, than I did the first time. I also cried in different places, know what was going to happen. One of the all time most awesome fics.[2]
24/7 is a serious BDSM story, using the exchange of power and control in the best possible way for fiction – for a deep psychological exploration of the two characters. Mulder is lost, spinning out of control, and as a final attempt to ground himself, he gives complete control of himself to an unknown master. Little does he dream how this masterful top will change his life!

The story, in 26 parts and several interludes, is deliciously long and involved. All of Xanthe’s writing is well worth reading, but this series is one of my favorites (and obviously one of hers, as well!). Mulder’s struggles, attempts to comply, and unavoidable failures are delicately drawn, as is the deepening understanding of what both Mulder, and Skinner, need out of their relationship. The cast of original secondary characters is interesting and fills out the story, especially Wanda the cat.

This may not be the story for those easily squicked by explicit scenes of bondage, but everything is safe and consensual, and individual parts have warnings where necessary. For those curious about a full-time BDSM lifestyle (the 24/7 of the title refers to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), or even just the details of a safe, loving master-slave relationship, this is a great story to read. And the scorching hot sex doesn’t detract one bit from the learning experience![3]


Skinner/Mulder, NC-17. Slave fic with very heavy BDSM, kink and D/s

This one is very long and very intense in every way. Mulder signs a slavery contract with a Master without even knowing his identity. The master turns out to be Skinner, and he sets out to train Mulder right away. It starts out as a physical need for Mulder, but he grows to realize that the relationship means so much more to him than that. If any of the warnings above squick you in the least don't read at all, it's really that intense. It has some of the most amazing BDSM scenes I've ever read, both private scenes between Skinner and Mulder and group scenes with their friends. It's intensely emotional through most of it, both the despair / anger and love / joy type of emotions. And after a bit Skinner and Mulder even relax enough to play; there is a lot of roleplay and dressing up. The slave aspect is heavily accented and very well carried out. Even though slave fic isn't one of my biggest kinks it was so beautifully written here that I began to love what it did for Mulder. I don't watch the X-Files, but I recommend this fic for anyone who enjoys their sex downright intense. [4]


For super! epics week I picked one of my favourite stories by Xanthe and the first "real" bdsm relationship fanfiction I read. Often people use the trope of slavery to have one character force the other to submit and feature them in various situations where the submissive person is whipped, caned, flogged, tied up etc. At least that was the experience I had had before I came across Xanthe's super! epic X-Files fanfiction.

First off, I am not a fan of the X-Files. All in all I've seen so far about 3-5 episodes and I'm not impressed with the show all that much. But, for some reason, the premise of the story captivated me and I read the story without actually knowing most of the characters. For me it was almost like reading incredibly well-written original slash.

My lack of knowledge of the characters and plots of the TV show were no problem at all while reading the fanfiction and the captivating portrayal of the relationship and the shift in the relationship between Mulder and Skinner had me reading the whole novel without a pause.

It is by far one of my favourite bdsm feauturing stories and even though I have recced this genre a couple of times (and a lot of great stories), I have reserved a special place in my heart for this piece of fanfiction that got me started on that road. ;)[5]


An amazing X-Files fanfic TPE story. It's long but delicious with firm M/s relationship between Skinner and Mulder including a lot of discipline, pony and puppy play, bondage, fisting, role playing, etc...You don't have to be a fan of the show to get into this--I watched episodes, but certainly wasn't obsessed with it. Honestly, you could change the character names and it would be just as awesome. If you're looking for a beautiful, loving, emotional Master/slave story, I highly recommend it. [6]
Oooh, thanks whoever added this to GR!

Long: that's the first word that leaps into my head. Check out that word count! It could safely have lost 500,000 words and been esentially the same story. A better story.

I did love how Xanthe worked the X-Files mythos and plot into her fiction. This was a far, far better end for Krycek than the series ever considered. [7]
Super, super long and super, super juicy free-online fanfiction. I am not much of a X-Files fan, but I was able to just replace the characters in my head while reading this. Big thanks to Vivian for pointing me in the direction of this delicious TPE, M/s story. [8]
This was an extremely long read but I enjoyed it and wouldn't shorten it. This is total power exchange with moderate bdsm. It told the story of a relationship over the course of a year with all the ups and downs, and dealing with past histories of the MCs. This is X Files fan fiction. I wasn't a big X Files fan so just ignored that and didn't find I missed out on the story enjoyment. [9]
** spoiler alert ** What could I tell to describe this story? That it’s an X-Files fan fiction? You already know it. It’s free. You know it too. That it has 1158 pages? You were probably shocked to discover it. If it’s so long is because the author describes every little detail of a complete year of 24/7 Master/slave relationship. But Skinner and Mulder are just two surnames. And their background, provided by the TV series, could have been the background of any MCs who had bad times in their past. Who hadn’t any? So, if you didn’t like the series, no problem. Forget the series and read this story anyway. If you really love Male/male Domination/submission and BDSM, read it. [10]
First I want to say I loved this book and it was one of the best books I have read. It had everything I love to read. It hit all my fantasies. Skinner is the Dom of all times. I fell in love with Skinner and want him for my Dom. And as for Fox I wanted to be Fox and jump into my kindle. I do not want to give away anything about the plot but this story is about two FBI Agents that work together. There was enough angst in this book but not too much to destroy you. I read things in here that many books don't have about BDSM. It was so creative with its BDSM and D/S. This story has lots and lots of discipline spankings. This story will make all spanking fans HOT!! Their relationship is Master/Slave. I had so much fun reading this book. What I liked was how they made parts of BDSM that normally I would not like very erotic and enticing. And then they had so much fun with each other but of course there were times that were tough for both of them. I hope the author has a sequel. This is a long book and I had no problem with all the words because I wanted to read everything on the page. I did not skim at all. I did not stop reading unless my eyes would not stay open. I will probably read this book again. [11]
I’m glad that I finally got this one out of the way. It is an enjoyable read overall but it has also been an exhausting read to the extent that I’m not sure I want to read another BDSM fiction any time soon. My complaint, however, is more to do with the fact that I read this as an online fiction rather than with the length itself, though I think I would have liked it better if the story had not been so long, especially in the beginning stages of their relationship. I don’t think the chapter lengths were ideal for an online reading experience. There are some memorable scenes and role plays in this X file fan fiction. Skinner certainly knows how to get his slave into a submissive frame of mind and at times come across incredibly hot. I just loved the Wanda moments. :) Although there are constant setbacks in their relationship, the author provides enough psychological insight into her characters’ motives that they do not come across as conflicts for conflict’s sake. You have this sense of the relationship evolving throughout. [12]
This is an odd BDSM Skinner/mulder slave fanfic. There are all the trappings of pretty hard BDSM, but it's done in a fluffy romantic style that just didn't work for me. When the Master forces the slave to do something they don't think they can do, it's supposed to be frightening - here those scenes are couched in so much coaxing, reassurance, and love that they aren't scary. Despite the amount of words devoted to sex and BDSM, this just didn't work. [13]


I've read this story 4-5 times, at least in parts. As others reviewed - there IS redundancy in the sex, language and descriptions, but there's also: character development, a wide palette of BDSM practices, wish fulfillment (for X-file fans) with a plot, some likable secondary characters. Xanthe has her own unique style. If you can stomach it, I recommend this book. [14]


I am totally fan-girling here, I love this epic romance so much! I could have read another ten books about Mulder and Skinner, lordy, this is one of the best m/m D/s stories I have ever read!

The funny thing is that I never cared for the X-files or its actors, nor do I read a lot of 24/7 romances because I rarely can believe that the dynamics work and generally find the set-up rather un-sexy.

BUT!!! I loved Xanthe Walther's Ricochet and have re-read it a number of times already. Her take on BDSM is exactly up my alley so I decided to give her most read story, 24/7, a try and read it in one week. That's over 1800 pages!!!

There is a lot of sex in the book, all kinds of kinks and domestic discipline things get explored but always with a reason. I find it fascinating that I can read a 300 pages story and become bored by page 100. With this story the bigger problem was to put the book away to catch some sleep.

A+ and "favourites 2015" as well as "must re-read" status! [15]


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