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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: soo's Den of Obsessions
Author: soo
Dates: June 6th 1998[1] - ?
Fandom: BtVS, Askewinverse, Highlander, Smallville, Sports Night, X-Files, Angel, Batman, due South, ER, I-Man, SG1, The West Wing
URL: (Wayback link, 12/2001) (Wayback link, 02/2001)
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soo's Den of Obsessions (or soo's Fiction, or Hopper Fiction[2]) was a personal slash and femslash website with fanfiction and recommendations. It was a Freedom of Expression in Fanfiction member site[3] and a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring.[1]

The site was hosted by

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   PG. A writing exercise to get into Faith's head. April 2000


   PG. A companion writing exercise to Hungry. April 2001

Sunnydale Mutants

A Buffy/X-Men: the movie crossover. This series will take place before, during, and after the movie. Many pairings will be highlighted including m/m.


   G. The gang learn about mutants. August 2000


   R. Buffy and Faith learn about mutant registration proposal. July 2000.

Other Pairings

Freedom's Glow

   PG. Darla/Dru/F. Darla, Dru and a new playmate. Inspired by Improv #8. January 2001


   PG. Cordy's thoughts on Buffy's death and her visions. December 2001.


   NC17. Willow/Tara. A short scene set after the episode "Family". Inspired by Improv #4. January 2001

One Night

   NC17 Buffy/Willow. My take on what happened after Beer Bad. Jan. 2001


Avalon Tales

   Includes Revelations from Avalon, Shop Till You Drop, Dirty Pool & MacLeod Clan Christmas
   Last Updated: 10/08/01

valon Tales

Author's Notes

   A little information. Added Oct. 99

Revelations from Avalon

Chapter One

   WIP. This is the first few sections of chapter one. I'm pretty sure that these sections are going to remain the same after the next round of beta. So... I thought I'd share.

Shop Till You Drop By soo, Slashbear & Attilla the HunEE

   NC17. Mac and Methos go clothes shopping and have a little fun while they are at it. 

Shop Till You Drop II: The Banana Republic and Further...

   NC17. The shopping spree continues and some details about *the plans* are revealed.

Rogue Immortal

   PG. My totally unserious answer to where Methos goes challange. Bonus points for those who can discover who the other characters are... May 99.

Dirty Pool By soo & Slashbear

   NC17. Methos shares his love for music... 

MacLeod Clan Christmas

   NC17. An Alternative Universe Christmas... The gang gets together to celebrate Christmas in only the way that they can. March 99.


   Includes Warrior Sluts in Chainmail.
   Last Updated: 08/26/01

There's not much here at the moment, but there is a lot in the works including: Highlander/ForeverKnight and Highlander/B5.

Warrior Sluts in Chainmail By Attilla and soo

   NC 17. Crossover with LKH's Anita Blake Series. Alternate Universe. The three K's(Kassandra, Kronos & Kalas) have stolen the Stone of Power. Can Duncan, Methos and gang reclaim it before they take over the world? Contains m/m, m/f(slight), f/f(slight). Feb. 2000

Others Series

   Includes Heartbreak and Canadian Music.
   Last Updated: 08/26/01

The Heartbreak Series

For Love of an Angelic Face

   PG13. A companion piece to Can We Just Be Friends? July 99.

Can We Just Be Friends?

   PG. The title really says it all without giving the whole plot away. April 99.

A Devious Plan

   PG13. Amanda gets into the action... August 99.

Somewhere, Someplace

   The conclusion to the Heartbreak series. Just what is Joe's take on the situation? November 2000

Canadian Music Series

5 Free Minutes

   PG13. What happens when one's relatives come visiting??

Stand Alone

   Includes I Know, A Kooky Crossover, and Master Plans.
   Last Updated: 08/26/01
Comes a Sithy by soo and tilla
   NC17. Highlander/Phantom Menace. Highlander episodes in the Star Wars Universe as only we can tell them. This is currently incomplete, if we ever get inspired to finish them we will. So read at your own risk. April 2001.

I Know

   R. Actions are louder than words. May 2001

A Kooky Crossover

   R - NC17. I inadvertently started a weird crossover contest on the ROG list and this is my submission.


   A challenge of sorts to create mary sue characters on the ROG list... Is she a Mary Sue or a stalker? May 2000 

Master Plans

   A little piece of fluff about Methos and planning. December 2000

Saturday Morning Cartoons

   R. Sometimes the weirdest things can remind you of a loved one. May 2001

Smurflander: Duncan MacLeod and Methos and the Really Long Horrible Repetitive Day By S'lorie, S'soo, S'tarsh, S'tilla NC 17

   Rampant Con Insanity. Duncan & Methos have a really bad day(s)? May 2000

Stoned on Your Love By soo & 'tilla

   NC 17. A normal night at home goes a little haywire.

Warrior Sluts in Chainmail By 'tilla and soo

   NC 17. Crossover with LKH's Anita Blake Series. Alternate Universe. The three K's(Kassandra, Kronos & Kalas) have stolen the Stone of Power. Can Duncan, Methos and gang reclaim it before they take over the world? Contains m/m, m/f, f/f. Feb. 2000



   PG. Clark/Lex. An AU ending of Cool. Clark joins the crowd in Lex's study and stays for an enlightening conversation. December 2001


   PG. Lex thinks about traditions. Holiday story. December 2001.

Sports Night


   NC17. The wonderful joys of the month of May. May 2001



I Love You

   Walter looking back over a regular day at the office and the past few years. 

The Personals

   You can find amazing things in the personals.

Morning Glory By Slashbear & soo

   NC 17. An early morning rendezvous. April 99.


I Will Protect You

   PG. Scully/Reyes The beginning of a relationship? October 2001


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