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Dates: September 27th 1999[1] - present
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Contents is a website maintained as a memorial to Thamiris.

It features Odysseys & Ecstasy (Thamiris' website), The KSAres Archive, The KSA Archive, a link to Thamiris' LiveJournal and tributes and links to other pages about Thamiris.

The site was originally created in 1999 as a haven for slash writers where one could find author's homepages, archives, mailing list sites, and other resources.

Pages included: Odysseys & Ecstasy, The Lunatic Fringe, Erin's House-O-Fanfic, soo's Den of Obsessions, other author pages, The Walter Skinner Fan Fiction Archive, The Power of Three, The Unthinkable Alternative Archive, The KSA Archive, Wiccan Ways, The Lady Slash Site, The Lone Gunmen Slash Site, The Slash Zone and Clip Notes for Vidders.[1][2]

The site was a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring.[3]


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