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Name: Duncan 'Mac' MacLeod
Occupation: Antique Dealer (but has been many other things in the past, including soldier, , fencing master, Lakota warrior, bodyguard, bank robber, etc.)
Relationships: Many friends and lovers.
Fandom: Highlander
Fanart of Duncan MacLeod by Sophia Kelly Shultz on the cover of Running on Empty (1998).
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Duncan MacLeod is the main character of the Highlander TV series. He was portrayed by the actor Adrian Paul.


Born in Scotland in 1590, he was a warrior who died in battle, but because he was an Immortal, came back to life. Cast out by his family due to their fear, he has wandered the Earth for centuries, living in many places and having many adventures. He has also died many times, and has always returned to life—generally finding himself naked upon his revival.

He must do battle against other Immortals, because "there can be only One." Immortals can avoid battles if they take refuge on Holy Ground. Duncan has been seen taking advantage of this opportunity in churches, temples, even a patch of ground considered sacred to Indigenous tribes.

Duncan is strong and skillful with a katana–his preferred weapon–and his sense of humor and courage put him on the side of the oppressed and downtrodden. He lives in a loft above his antiques shop in Seacouver. He also often spends time in Paris, living on a houseboat on the Seine River.



Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Goody Two Shoes: Duncan was sometimes characterized as too good, and boring, and could sometimes be the focus of hero bashing. In response, some fans created fanworks to highlight how awesome and three dimensional his character was
  • Pastfic: Duncan was alive for over 400 years, so there is a lot of his past to explore. Fans may expand on scenes shown in flashbacks, or may place Duncan at different points throughout history
  • Post canon: focusing on Duncan's life after the series end
  • Crossovers: popular in Highlander fandom, usually with other sci-fi/fantasy series. Duncan often meeting paranormal investigators, long lived individuals, or other immortals, is quite common




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