Shades of Gray (Highlander vid)

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Title: Shades of Gray
Creator: Melina
Date: 1998
Fandom: Highlander

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Shades of Gray is Highlander vid by Melina.

Comments from the creator:

I stumbled on this song by accident while I was considering vidding another song on the same CD. Once I looked at the lyrics, though, I knew this had to be a Duncan vid. For one thing, the lyrics fit perfectly, and for another, I was really tired of hearing that Duncan was a character who only saw things in black and white. Unlike some vids, where itʼs hard to find enough good clips to fit the song, this one had so many that the sequences that are now from Promises and Warmonger started out completely differently. This vidʼs biggest problem was the ending - there are about 45 seconds with no lyrics, but there was no way to cut it. The solution I came up with was the quick-flashes of various immortals - as Duncan once said, they are neither all good nor entirely evil. The very ending shows the various aspects of Duncanʼs personality - on one hand, heʼs a lover, friend, and teacher, and on the other, he can lose control, wreck his home and shove a man into a casket with a gun to his head. Grey, indeed. [1]


  1. ^ At the Highlander Worldwide 9 Convention in Los Angeles, Valoise presented an introductory panel on vidding in the Highlander fandom. Of the 14 vids shown, most dated from 1996-2002. This is from the notes for her presentation.