Chronicles of the Heart

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Title: Chronicles of the Heart
Publisher: Only Duncan Methos Press
Medium: print
Fandom: Highlander
Language: English
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Chronicles of the Heart is a slash Highlander anthology.

Reactions and Reviews

Chronicles of the Heart volumes 1 and 2 are Highlander zines featuring Duncan/Methos stories. The layout is quite lovely, the technical writing is good, but the amount of average stories in these zines outweighs the really good ones, although the latter definitely exists. Still, I'd recommend having these in your collection if you're a D/M fan. [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #2, cover of the 2001 edition
cover of issue #1, cover of the 2000 edition

Chronicles of the Heart 1 was published September 2000 and contains 185 pages.

  • Mirror, Mirror by Esjay (1)
  • Dream Warrior by Matilda (15)
  • The Rock by Olympia (24)
  • Honourable Intentions by Karen Coloban (38)
  • The Kiss by Rachel (63)
  • The Water by Olympia (66)
  • Timeless Emotions by Holly Lynn (77)
  • Love and Other Catastrophes by Esjay (91)
  • Siochaint by Amy (111)
  • The Mottled King by Dayspring (120)
  • The Fire by Olympia (147)
  • Dante's Prayer by Holly Lynn & Esjay (162)
  • When in Rome by Emma Keigh (177)

Issue 2

Chronicles of the Heart 2 was published in April 2001 and was 252 pages long. It contains fiction by Jennie, Dayspring, Amy Fortuna, Esjay, Karen Colohan, Sfscarlet, Matilda, Tessa Rae, Olympia, BithoS, Margaret Turner. It contains eleven stories and a couple of poems.


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