Don't Fear the Reaper

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Title: Don't Fear the Reaper
Creator: Killa, Luminosity and Melina
Date: 2000
Music: "Don't Fear the Reaper"
Fandom: Highlander

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Don't Fear the Reaper is Highlander vid by Killa, Luminosity and Melina.

Comments from the creators:
Tired of hearing time after time from some other fans that Methos was cool because he was Death and Duncan was a boring Boy Scout - they set out to create a vid about the seductiveness of Duncan's darkest aspects. “The clips of Duncan as Reaper are all in context - thereʼs nothing here from the Dark Quickening. The song itself was a bit difficult to handle because of the tempo changes, and we ultimately cut quite a bit. Finding the clips we used at the beginning and end of death-images was fun and challenging, and so was putting together the sequence of beheadings. We tried to find beheadings that were shot from different angles or were somehow visually different, and I think in the process I looked at every beheading ever done on Highlander. [1]


  1. ^ At the Highlander Worldwide 9 Convention in Los Angeles, Valoise presented an introductory panel on vidding in the Highlander fandom. Of the 14 vids shown, most dated from 1996-2002. This is from the notes for her presentation.