In the City of Seven Walls

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Title: In the City of Seven Walls
Author(s): auburn
Date(s): 28.1.2006-20.7.2007
Length: 171,093 words
Genre: slash, slavefic
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
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Seven Walls (AO3)
In the City of Seven Walls e-book versions at Ebook Library
In the City of Seven Walls podfic at Audiofic Archive

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In the City of Seven Walls is a long McShep slavefic by auburn. It was inspired by a prompt using a picture of an Arabic harem and posted as a WIP 2006-2007.

Author's summary: Gilded cages are still cages. Sheppard and McKay turn to each other to survive a life in slavery and afterward.

The author later wrote several shorter stories set in the same 'verse. Other people have also written fic for it: icarus wrote Necromancy for the Living, and Kitten wrote Filigreed.

general_jinjur recorded podfics of the series that are also available as podbooks. The recording of the main story is over 17 hours long.

Several fan artists made accompanying pieces of art, for example a cover by primad, a cover by dar_jeeling, art by liresius, Seven Walls by Enname, and Cover Art by steammmpunk (which was voted "Best Cover Art" in the McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards 2007.)

Three fanmixes were created for the story: In the Palace Garden and Gilded Cages by amezri and Nadir by primad.

Recs and Reviews: The Podfic

  • "I love audio books. Love them, as in, I'm addicted to them, I must have them. So, podfic rocks my world, because, really, free audio books of fanfic stories? Some are fun, some are serious but well done, others are extraordinary. The In the City of Seven Walls podfic falls under that last category. The story is of course amazing -- my favorite SGA story ever -- and General Jinjur's voice is smooth and rich as honey, and her reading is full of the emotion, pitch changes and characterization changes that even profic readers often lack. So. What are you waiting for? Go grab the podfic here."[1]

Recs and Reviews: The Fic


Yes, it'll be all over the rec lists in no time flat, but if you want your breath taken away and your heart broken (what, again?), have a look at auburnnothenna's latest. I have to warn you, though -- this is slave-fic, and not of the fluffy kind that has John and Rodney ride off into the sunset together with silvery chains tinkling at their ankles (not that I wouldn't read that; truth is, I probably would, depending on the writer and the storytelling involved. Have I mentioned I blame eliade for that?): Here lies non-con and despair, if veiled in beauty. [2]


Lucky for you, this monster epic (170,000 words +) was just completed. It's an utterly brilliant, searing psychological portrait of a John and Rodney who are captured and sold into slavery. Takes a while to read, but it's worth it. [3]


Sadly, while I read that once, it was such a shattering experience I'll never read it again. Every moment is seared into my brain! I get flashbacks! ::traumatized:: All compliments to the author, of course, for managing to create such an experience. Novels aren't often experiences, in themselves. [4]


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