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Name/s: Dusk Peterson
Fandom/s: Writing: Original fiction, Arthurian legends, The Divine Comedy, Earthsea, Tigana, Northern Corporate Dominion, The Slave Breakers, and fandom. Reading/viewing (current fandoms): Original fiction, The Queen's Thief, and Humans are Weird. Reading/viewing (past fandoms): The Phantom Menace and Harry Potter.
You can find me at: My website, my AO3 account, and my blog and e-mail list.
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I stumbled across the fan fiction community in January 2002, entering it by way of slash fiction in The Phantom Menace fandom. I was immediately seized with love of what the fanfic community was writing, the way in which members were sharing their stories, and the conversations that were taking place within the community. At the time, I didn't know that anyone posted original fiction at fan fiction forums, but I bravely went ahead and began posting my originalfic.

I became involved during the next few years in various projects intended to bring together original fiction writers within fandom. At the same time, I took an interest in pro-fic communities whose interests overlapped with interests in the fan fiction community, such as the LGBTQ romance community.

I'm now part of both the amateur and professional fiction worlds. I write original fiction – slash, gen, and a bit of het – and I've written a small amount of fan fiction (much less than I'd like to; I envy writers whose Muses are willing to provide them with fan fiction). I'm prepared to defend vigorously the literary worth, and sheer fun, of fan fiction and other fanworks, but at the same time I'm very interested in having the posting and printing of original fiction remain an integral part of the fan fiction community.