L'Histoire d'Obi (The Story of Obi)

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Title: L'Histoire d'Obi (online)
L'Histoire d'Obi (The Story of Obi) (zine)
Publisher: Digital Midnight Press
Author(s): Lilith Sedai
Cover Artist(s): Analise (online), BlackRose (print)
Illustrator(s): BlackRose (online, print)
Date(s): 1999 (online), 2000 (zine)
Series?: no
Medium: online story, fanzines
Size: 64,000 words, 121 pages
Genre: slash fanfiction, BDSM, slavery
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Language: English
External Links: L'Histoire d'Obi (Master & Apprentice)
L'Histoire d'Obi (SWAL)
[www.ktnb.net/jedi/stories/lhdo.html L'Histoire d'Obi], Archived version (The Jedi Hurtaholics Archive)
L'Histoire d'Obi (The Infirmary)
[www.digitalmidnight.net/lilith/histoire.html L'Histoire d'Obi], Archived version (The Writings of Lilith Sedai)
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fanfiction cover by Analise

L'Histoire d'Obi (The Story of Obi) is a Star Wars: The Phantom Menace slash story by Lilith Sedai. The novel was heavily influenced by the erotic classic "The Story of O".

It was originally published online and later released (revised and edited [1]) in print fanzine format.

The Story of Obi focuses on the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan pairing in a BDSM relationship as part of their mission to go undercover as a slave and slaveholder in order to investigate whether a newly discovered planet is suitable for admittance into the Republic.


From an ad? "Obi-Wan neglects to pay careful attention to a briefing, agrees to accept an unusual mission assignment, and lets himself and Qui-Gon in for more trouble than either of them bargained for."

From Star Wars Zine Bibliography: "When Obi-Wan confesses his feelings for his master, Qui-Gon deals with it by sending him away with instructions to meet other, more age-relevant people. When Qui-Gon is chastized by the blunt healer dealing with Obi-Wan's separation anxiety, he welcomes his padawan back into his life. But before things can be resolved between the two men, each will have to deal with the long held and deeply buried damage to his soul."

Academic Comment

L'Histoire d'Obi has been the subject of an academic article: "Painful pleasures: Sacrifice, consent, and the resignification of BDSM symbolism in The Story of O and The Story of Obi" .[2]

It's also mentioned in the book "Using the force: creativity, community, and Star Wars fans" .[3]

Online Version: 1999

The online story had a fanfic cover by Analise and 8 illustrations by BlackRose.[4] Archive information from the story header: "TOTO. M_A, SWAL, and Jedi Hurtaholics will be allowed to archive after a one-month TOTO premiere. THIS STORY MAY BE GENERALLY ARCHIVED BY PERMITTED GROUPS ON OR AFTER OCTOBER 15, 1999. Others ask."

The TOTO archive was deleted by the owner,[5] but the version archived at SWAL includes all the original artwork.

Note that the artwork online and in the print zines sometimes have slightly different titles. See below.

Print Zine Version: 2000

The print zine was published in 2000 with a different cover than the online story and has 123 pages. The fanzine won a Star aWards award in 2000 for "Best Star Wars Slash Zine." It also won an Honorable Mention as the 2000 "Best Star Wars Novel".

The print zine had these acknowledgments from the author:

To Kirby for beta readings and advice. To Saraid for permission to use the Grand Dance.

To BlackRose and Analise for .scrumptious illustrations of Obi-Wan enslaved (Analise's illustrations are available on the web). You have my unending thanks, ladies.

To LTH and my master's thesis at NCSU for making me miserable enough to need to escape into writing.

And to my beloved and worried parents, for subsidizing my writing habit between school and employment.

Sample Art

The online art samples and print zine samples have slightly different titles.

Online Versions

Print Zine Versions

Recs and Reviews

Unknown Date

While not my typical kind of story, this one is just so incredibly well written, I have to include it here. Obi-Wan and Qui Gon take an usual mission, one that will push their Master/Apprentice relationship to the breaking point. Note: This story contains BDSM (especially D/S relations). 395k [6]
"I enjoyed the story much more then I thought I would, since I generally run from master/slave genre. I am however going comment on the zine itself. It's lovely. Lots of art in a style that rather reminds of Japanese anime. I find it nice, but it might not be to everyone's taste. The art was used to great effect. It illustrated and blended effortlessly into the story. All that color art does make the zine expensive, $20 for 121 pages. My only nitpick, using asterisks for emphasis is a logical Internet convention. However, I do not find it one for a print fanzine. I actually find it highly annoying. A search and replace could have discovered everyone of those asterisks and they could have been replaced them with bold or italics. [7]
The Phantom Menace: Or the Fandom that Ate the world. Seriously, there is a lot of talent in this fandom and a lot of variety. I am being discerning -- I'm trying anyway<G>. [...] L'histoire d'Obi -- by Lilith Sedai. You almost need to be a fan of the Gor novels for this one to give you the full impact, the whole idea of 'pleasure slaves' is integral to tha[t] universe as it is to this one but Lilith does it stunningly well, so well that I refuse to send her an LoC until my jealousy dies -- which it won't, ever. Will it, Lil? And let me not forget to mention the incredible illustrations by the multi-talented Black Rose...[8]
You've heard of the Story of O? Well... fasten your seatbelt. On a planet where BDSM is the way of life, what other role would a padawan play? Warning, gentle reader, the content of this one is brutally graphic, but so beautiful it inspired a full color zine (artwork by The Black Rose).[9]


The thing you can't help but notice when reading Histoire is the care the author takes to develop backstory. Most exposition goes down smoothly, integrated into the narrative flow, and the thorough attention to cultural context is what gives the master/slave scenario between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan most of its credibility.

The author mentions that she almost made this a straightforward crossover with Norman's Gor universe, and though I haven't read the books, there's much that is easily recognizable as traditional slave-story material: the passionate masochism of Riadan slaves, a male-female power imbalance, the scrupulous religiousity of their slave culture, festive orgies, symbolic chains, stables, branding, auctions. There is a dark side to the culture, but its appearance is deferred for most of the story, which helps keep readers focused on the folie a deux of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan rather than on broader and more disturbing aspects.

The story alternates between points of view, which helps balance the story between reluctant sadism and eager masochism. Obi-Wan's descent into slavishness is so gradual and yet carefully signposted that whenever I feel a moment's doubt, the author deflects it with some touch or insight so that I ease back into my erotic stupor and say, yes, yes, yes, take me there, I'm still going there, I'm along for the ride. Thus in the scene where Qui-Gon dresses Obi-Wan for the first time in his slave gear, his mischieviousness is balanced by self-restraint. When he brushes against Obi-Wan in unconscious desire, even this small transgression kicks him in the principles. When Obi-Wan practices a slave's mindset in front of the mirror, he achieves a convincing air of terror -- then feels smug. The most crucial moment for this fantasy, when Obi-Wan sheds his Jedi conditioning and reconditions himself as a slave, is recognized and explicitly labeled as a "paradigm shift". And I think this is important, because the story from this point on will go far across the line of what is proper between master and padawan that it would be hard to read otherwise; for readers who like their buttons pushed intelligently, I think it's crucial to see each rung on the ladder of Obi-Wan's descent into self-abasement. Not that it's necessary to have elaborate justifications. To look at it another way, his terms of acceptance aren't explained in pat psychobubbles, but illuminated as those last moments of clarity while dusk falls around him in a cloak of self-delusion.

Hmmm. Well. All of that is very nice, but doesn't convey the clear, strong writing, the compelling characterization, or the maddening build of erotic tension which produces those small readerly whimpers that ... er, yes. Here are two excerpts, one of insight and one of sensuality. Insight:

Obi-Wan found himself reminded of a test he had passed only a year ago in his training. He had been taken to the lowest levels of the Jedi temple, far below Coruscant's surface. There he had been told to enter a dank, forbidding cave. Asking what awaited him inside, he was given the ritual response "Only what you take with you." He'd faced his fears and finally triumphed over them in that cave, after many long days and repeated tries. Now he had the same sensation of prickling nerves, and understood that something waited for him here, something he had brought with him into this situation, something that would have to be acknowledged, come to terms with, and embraced in order to be overcome.


Obi-Wan set the breakfast tray aside and stretched like a cat, deliberately in Qui-Gon's full view, aware that the shifting lines of his open tunic exposed him beautifully. There were still a few kinks in his back from the guard's cruel restraints, but they faded slowly as he moved his body, flexing and tensing each muscle. Then, movements relaxed and indolent, he retrieved Qui-Gon's clothing and laid it out for his Master, who still lounged in bed, his arm now flung over his eyes, his breathing visibly shallower than it had been.
Now go read it again.[10]
Long Stories: L'Histoire D'Obi by Lilith Sedai. If this isn't required reading for all Q/O fans, it should be. The masterful tale of Obi-Wan's horrible trial as a pleasure slave on a diplomatic mission drags you into itself and doesn't let you go. Can Qui-Gon live with what he's done? Can Obi-Wan come to terms with his desire for his Master? These questions will be racing through your head as you read this. NB: There are some very rough scenes in here. Also, I would not advise reading most of this in a public place.[11]


Obi-Wan fails to pay attention to a critical mission briefing and faces a situation that he may not be equipped for, both mentally and physically. Strong BDSM elements. Gorgeous illustrations by BlackRose. (NC-17)[12]


This Phantom Menace slash novel explores some dark and very stirring themes -- is it abuse of authority when the use of power is welcomed? And can a Master exert his authority over his apprentice in ways that are harmful when the apprentice is willing? Lilith's work here is outstanding and just dangerous enough to be a must-read. Obi-Wan takes on an uncharacteristic role, and he and Qui-Gon find out a great deal about themselves as they explore the boundaries of sexuality within their "assignment". [13]
Hurt/Comfort, Fetish/Kink, Bondage/SM, master and slave, abuse of power and authority...and angst. Of course there's angst. *THE* fic that had me trying to reconnect my jaw back to its proper place after I realized it was hanging open. There's no other way to describe/explain it, as the story tells itself. Go read. Now. Summary: "Obi-Wan neglects to pay careful attention to a briefing, agrees to accept an unusual mission assignment, and lets himself and Qui-Gon in for more trouble than either of them bargained for."
"His apprentice loved him. Qui-Gon felt anguish spike his heart. He had badly failed Obi-Wan as a Master by permitting them to undertake this mission with his padawan so ill-prepared, by collaring him, by permitting his tender young body to be displayed and touched publicly, by forgetting to feed him. But even after all that, even after Qui-Gon himself had beaten Obi-Wan and taken him brutally, the only things Obi-Wan offered were his deep, abiding trust and self-effacing love, and the bright, scintillating gift of himself.
Bonus: Stunning artwork (included in the fic) from both analise and BlackRose. In fact, I love them so much I went and bought some of BlackRose' art prints immediately afterwards, plus a copy of the story in book form (I think the paperbacks are no longer available though). XDDD If interested, go to BlackRose's site and look under the "prints" section. Warning: Beware of male nudes.[14]


When I first volunteered to be rec'er for this, I went seaching for fics that I could recommend, and found that this fic had not been rec'ed here. I thought, "How could this be possible?" This is one of those truely wonderful fics that just about everyone has read and loved. Qui and Obi get sent on a mission where Qui and Obi have to act as Master/pleasure slave. Not an unfamiliar concept in this fandom, but what happens to them both while they are on mission and what happens afterwards is unique. I can't say more because I don't want to give away the ending, but you find out that there is a lot more to Obi than meets the eye. Which is one of the reasons I love this story so much. Obi is not the weak padawan that some people make him out to be, but instead a strong Jedi, that is willing to do whatever it takes to complete his mission, even if it costs him his freedom.[15]
This is one of the classics of the fandom. If you haven't read it, just go ahead and jump in. It's a wonderful, psychological, sexy story. This was the one that turned me on to the whole BDSM thing. Er, so to speak.[16]


This is, without a question, the ULTIMATE slavefic. Kelsey kept bitching that she was going to post it but...she never did. So up it goes. Read it. Now. It....GUH. Yeah. Go read.[17]


Today's rec is another Lilith Sedai TPM Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan story, the one in my notes as "the one where they go undercover." The story is "L'Histoire d'Obi (The Story of Obi)," in which Obi-Wan doesn't pay enough attention to a briefing and accepts a mission without realizing that he has to play the role of a slave. Of course, there's intrigue on the planet, but there's also Obi-Wan enjoying belonging to Qui-Gon, Qui-Gon trying to resist him, and Qui-Gon eventually branding him at the insistence of the people in charge on the planet. This is not a fuzzy-warm story, but it's one I've read several times and liked every time. [18]


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