Master and Apprentice (Star Wars: TPM archive)

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Name: Master and Apprentice
Date(s): 21 May 1999 - present
Archivist: Lori
Founder: sockii
Type: slash fanfic
Fandom: Phantom Menace
URL: (defunct, 1999)
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Master and Apprentice is the main Phantom Menace slash archive, and is associated with the master_apprentice mailing list.

The archive was a member of the Jedi Grrls webring, SW Slash, the Slash Fan Fiction Ring and The FanFic Archives WebRing.[1]

The warning page featured a quote by Keelywolfe:

"A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away, George Lucas created Star Wars. And he looked at it and saw that it was good. And all was right in the world. But then, we saw that Obi-Wan doth look upon Qui-Gon with lust, and that Mr. Lucas was not likely to include that in the next movie, so we said screw it and wrote it ourselves, even though we do not make any money off of this. And all was right with the world." -- Keelywolfe


Sockii was the archive creator and owner until November 2001. She asked for someone to take over that had a technical background since the archive was running on a unique Perl script database and Lori took over.

In 2003 Lori, published a fundraiser fanzine on CD to raise funds for the archive's operating costs: Master and Apprentice Archive Fundraising Zine that was original content that was distributed on CD in support of the archive. In 2005 there was another fundraiser with Fuumin's art that was very short lived. As of January 2011 the archive had over 4,200 stories. There is also a small gallery of fan art as well.

For more on the birth of this archive, see A funny thing happened on the way to my birthday…, posted by Sockii at Fan History Wiki's blog on May 18, 2009 [2]

As of March 1, 2014, the stories were imported to Archive Of Our Own, in the Master Apprentice Archive collection.


In 2000, Sockii created a CD. It was a copy of the archive at the time and permission was not asked of the authors before the CD had begun mailings. A few authors were unhappy that distribution in a different format had not been cleared with them.



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