Master and Apprentice Archive Fundraising Zine

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Title: Master and Apprentice Archive Fundraising Zine
Editor(s): Lori
Date(s): 2005
Medium: CD
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
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Master and Apprentice Archive Fundraising Zine is a slash anthology fanzine of The Phantom Menace stories in CD format. The CD was issued in order to raise funds to pay for the operating costs for the Master and Apprentice Archive (a fan fiction archive).

The CD included 14 stories, 16 pieces of art including two songs. The CD sold for $15. Many of the stories now appear in the Master and Apprentice Archive.

Partial table of contents:

  • "On the Perception of Maturity" by Sian
  • "The Hunter and The Rose" by Master Elayna
  • "The Weight of Rituals" by Jena Bartley
  • "Lacuna" by Nimori
  • "Plugging the Divide" by Clara Swift
  • "Uncovered" by Karita Wyr
  • "Absolution" by Artemis
  • "Eighty-two Days" by obi-ki
  • "Bookends" by Tem-ve H'syan
  • "Professor Harris' Ivy by Tem-ve H'syan
  • "Aphrodisia" by Laura McEwan
  • Your Guide to Egg-laying by MrsHamill