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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Ruth's Writing World
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Dates: 1998 or before - 2010 or later
Fandom: multifandom
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Ruth's Writing World was a personal fanfiction site.

I am fan fiction writer, and an occasional writer of essays and highly subjective reviews. You can receive updates on the general state of my writing life either through the notes from my life or through my LiveJournal. I do, of course have the requisite pages of pictures, links, and quotes. I'm quite proud of my quotes page, which has been featured in Dummies Daily on January 29, 1998, mentioned in The Hersh Web Observer on May 13, 1998, and linked to by the New Orleans Public Library.

Ruth Sadelle Alderson's Fan Fiction

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Fan fiction is fiction written using the characters and worlds of TV shows and comic books, although other universes may also be used. Gen is fan fiction that doesn't concentrate on a sexual/romantic relationship. Het is fan fiction with a heterosexual relationship at the center. Slash is fan fiction which places characters of the same sex in a sexual and/or romantic relationship. Fictional Person Fic is fan fiction about fictional characters. Real Person Fic is fan fiction about real people such as actors, musicians, and other celebrities. I write both Fictional Person Fic (gen and slash; updated February 8, 2001) and Real Person Fic (gen, het, and slash; updated September 16, 2001). I've also been known to write essays (updated May 27, 2001), notes from my life (updated December 23, 2000), and snippets in my LiveJournal (off-site link; updated often). I maintain the metslash archive (off-site link; updated often) a list of fan fic links (updated May 27, 2001), a page about the slashiness of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (off-site link; updated rarely), and a down and dirty Fredlust page (off-site link). You might be wondering why I have no recs page.

The site was a member of the Slash Askew webring.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Doting Spike/Xander PG-13 4K Slash. Spike and Xander have a hurt/comfort moment. January 13, 2000.

In the Middle Spike/Xander/Giles NC-17 7K Slash. Some smut. Not much more than that. February 1, 2000.

Love Shack Spike/Xander; implied Spike/other, Xander/other, and Giles/other PG-13 4K Slash. Spike asks Giles for a little help. February 1, 2000.

Nummy Treats Spike/Xander NC-17 3K Slash. Spike and Xander have a little morning fun. March 1, 2000.

Passion Requited Giles/Xander NC-17 6K Slash. Challenge fic in which Xander finds out that Giles has been writing the romance the Slayerettes are captivated by. February 1, 2000.

Safe House Spike/Xander, Harrison/Josh PG 5K Slash. Spike and Xander take care of Harrison after he has a fight with Josh. Crossover with Popular. January 28, 2000.


Between Heaven and Earth Bartleby/Loki PG 4K Slash. Loki's reasons. January 7, 2000.

Sanctum Jay/Silent Bob NC-17 5K Slash. Jay and Silent Bob get a little quality time together after the events of Dogma. April 22, 2000.


Intervention: Intervention: Benton Benton/Carter PG 2K Slash. Benton during "May Day." May 20, 2000.

Intervention: Carter Benton/Carter PG 2K Slash. Carter during "May Day." May 20, 2000.

Harry Potter

Kratos Trilogy: Bathus Harry/Draco NC-17 8K Slash. What if Harry had accepted Draco's opening offer? February 17, 2002.

Deinos Snape/Draco NC-17 5K Slash. Draco goes to Snape for answers. February 17, 2002.

Despoteis Harry/m NC-17 6K Slash. Where did Harry learn that trick? February 17, 2002.

Stand Alone Stories:

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel Multiple pairings PG-13 7K Slash, het. The Weasley children, all grown up, discuss their sexual escapades while dressing for a holiday bash. December 24, 2001.

Impulse To Talk Harry, Bill PG 5K Slash. Harry and Bill talk. February 16, 2002.

La Femme Nikita

Housewarming Michael/Birkoff PG-13 4K Slash. Michael and Birkoff spend a night in Birkoff's new room. January 28, 2000.

From Eroica With Love

Cold PG-13 7K Slash. Things fall apart on a winter night. My first Eroica only fic. June 4, 1999.

Reckless Men L/B, M/K, Klaus/Dorian PG 5K Slash. The suits get together for a drink. An X-Files/Eroica crossover. Also listed under X-Files. April 20, 1999.

Smoking PG-13 4K Slash. A short tale of cravings. Actually an original het story, but features a guest appearance by Klaus and Dorian. April 4, 1999.

Teamwork PG 13K Gen. Dorian helps Klaus solve a problem. February 8, 2001.


Dreamt of Philosophy Hamlet/Horatio PG-13 3K Slash. Reality for Hamlet and Horatio is something quite different from reality for Ophelia. February 11, 2000.

In Between Times:

In Between Times: 1988 Joe/Billy/Dan NC-17 6K Slash. Hard Core Logo plays Dartmouth. Dan is there. Crossover with Sports Night. March 27, 2000.

In Between Times: 2000 Joe/Billy/Dan, Dan/Casey PG-13 6K Slash. Dan and Casey go to a concert and then they talk. Crossover with Sports Night. March 27, 2000.

Law & Order

Solace Brisco/Munch PG-13 4K Slash. Lennie has a rough day at work. October 21, 1999.

Love and Human Remains

Crazy for You PG-13 2K Slash. Kane's thoughts as he waits for David. May 22, 1999.

Jailbait PG-13 1K Slash. A drabble (drabble: a story that is 100 words or less, including the title). May 22, 1999.

Malcolm in the Middle

Punishment Stanley/Francis NC-17 6K Slash. Stanley meets out a punishment. February 22, 2000.


It's All Been Done R 7K Slash. Antony remembers Caesar as he waits for Cleopatra. Written for my Cleopatra class. April 4, 1999.

Lesbian Snippets: In which I try, only somewhat successfully, to get over the idea that sex must involve a penis:

Physicality PG-13 3K Slash. An exercise in writing about my body from someone else's viewpoint. December 10, 1999.

Want G 2K Slash. Short musings on desire. December 10, 1999.


Boundaries Sam/Brooke PG-13 3K Slash. Sam pushes at Brooke's boundaries. January 13, 2000.

Downtime Harrison/Josh NC-17 7K Slash. Josh helps Harrison relax after the dance. February 13, 2000.

Eve's Delight Sam/Brooke NC-17 4K Slash. Sam and Brooke take some time to relax after a rough week. February 20, 2000.

Relief Sam/Brooke PG 3K Slash. Brooke can't sleep and needs a little comfort. January 13, 2000.

Safe House Spike/Xander, Harrison/Josh PG 5K Slash. Spike and Xander take care of Harrison after he has a fight with Josh. Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. January 28, 2000.

Sports Night

In Between Times:

In Between Times: 1988 Joe/Billy/Dan NC-17 6K Slash. Hard Core Logo plays Dartmouth. Dan is there. Crossover with Hard Core Logo. March 27, 2000.

In Between Times: 2000 Joe/Billy/Dan, Dan/Casey PG-13 6K Slash. Dan and Casey go to a concert and then they talk. Crossover with Hard Core Logo. March 27, 2000.

Stand Alone Stories:

The Closet NC-17 12K Slash. The closet gets a bit full. My first SN fic. May 22, 1999.

Memory PG-13 4K Slash. Dan and Casey talk about remembering and talking and love. June 9, 1999.

Secrets PG-13 7K Slash. Danny learns two of Casey's secrets. October 30, 1999.

Swing Kids

Bandages Thomas/Peter PG 2K Slash. A hurt/comfort drabble. October 21, 1999.

Two Guys and a Girl

Doppelganger: Doppelganger: Peyton NC-17 6K Slash. Peyton Ritter meets Michael Bergen. Crossover with X-Files. June 9, 1999.

Doppelganger: Pete R 6K Slash. Pete finds out about Peyton. Crossover with X-Files. June 9, 1999.

Stand Alone Stories: Doctorly PG-13 2K Slash. Pete likes Berg's new title. October 7, 1999.

Lonely PG-13 2K Slash. Pete and Berg talk on the phone. October 6, 1999.

Possession PG-13 2K Slash. Berg and Pete discuss who gets what. June 20, 1999.

Ravishing NC-17 4K Slash. Berg reacts to Pete's new job. June 9, 1999.

Understanding PG 2K Slash. Pete and Berg have a discussion. June 19, 1999.

Valentines NC-17 6K Slash. What happens when they get home. October 30, 1999.

Will and Grace

Drama Jack/Will R 6K Slash. A respite from playacting leads to a new relationship. September 12, 1999.


Coasts Trilogy: The West Coast M/K R 3K Slash. Part one. Mulder thinks about the scenery. November 17, 1998.

The Gulf Coast M/K R 2K Slash. Part two. Krycek thinks about Mulder. January 6, 1999.

The East Coast M/K NC-17 8K Slash. Part three. Mulder and Krycek finally get together. November 17, 1999.


Touch 1: Langly Langly/Byers NC-17 8K Slash. There isn't nearly enough Langly/Byers fic out there. Byers is the controlling one in this universe. March 15, 1999.

Touch 2: Byers L/B NC-17 5K Slash. Still not enough L/B out there. Byers pov. March 18, 1999.


Doppelganger: Peyton NC-17 6K Slash. Peyton Ritter meets Michael Bergen. Crossover with Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. June 9, 1999.

Doppelganger: Pete R 6K Slash. Pete finds out about Peyton. Crossover with Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. June 9, 1999. Stand Alone Stories:

Desk Sex L/B NC-17 4K Slash. Geeksmut! Langly and Byers have sex on a desk. May 22, 1999.

Injuries L/B NC-17 10K Slash. Byers picks Langly up from the hospital and some emotional healing follows. June 29, 1999.

Latkes and Memories M/K PG-13 5K Slash. A schmoop-filled Hanukkah story. December 13, 1998.

A Late Night Phone Call L/B PG-13 4K Slash. Umm, well, it's a late night phone call. April 25, 1999.

London Rain M/K NC-17 20K Slash. Krycek comes home. This was recommended by Sparky's Doghouse. April 4, 1999.

Making Up L/B NC-17 9K Slash. Langly and Byers make up. June 11, 1999.

Reckless Men L/B, M/K, Klaus/Dorian PG 5K Slash. The suits get together for a drink. An X-Files/Eroica crossover. Also listed under From Eroica With Love. April 20, 1999.

Stranded L/B NC-17 5K Slash. Byers has a little trouble getting home. Features Needy!Langly. May 22, 1999.

Unbalanced L/B PG-13 7K Slash. The rescue of Byers from a mental hospital. September 5, 1999.

Ruth Sadelle Alderson's Real Person Fic

Some of this is gen. Some of it is het. Some of it is slash. It is all about Real People. Please heed the ratings and such.

The Apple Matt Damon/Lars Ulrich, Matt Damon/Skylar Ulrich, Matt Damon/Ben Affleck NC-17 14K Slash, het. Matt fucks Lars, Matt fucks Skylar, Matt fucks with Ben's mind. September 17, 2000.

Arms to Be My Shelter Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera NC-17 6K Slash. Britney comes to visit Christina after a long day of filming. January 13, 2001.

Backstage James/Kirk NC-17 22K Slash. A very young Kirk goes to see Metallica play. June 5, 2001.

Blood Brothers Metallica PG 9K Gen. Kirk and Lars try to deal with James' new friendship. Part of the Outsiders series which can be read at the metslash archive. February 2, 2001.

Blood Moon Kirk/Cliff R 4K Slash. Cliff makes a decision. April 11, 2001.

Changes James/Lars, Kirk/Lars, Twiggy/Lars PG 7K Slash. In the aftermath of Jason's departure, James, Lars and Kirk talk about the future. February 8, 2001.

Chat with Metallica James/Jason PG-13 3K Slash. James and Jason on Metallica chat. October 17, 2000.

Displays of Affection James/Lars PG-13 9K Slash. Lars wants a hug. James doesn't want to give it to him. December 13, 2000.

Drive Me Crazy Written with Larissa. Lars Ulrich/Britney Spears NC-17 27K Het. Britney loses her virginity to Lars. Run while you can. February 3, 2001.

Everything but Truth Matt Damon/Ben Affleck, Ben Affleck/Gwyneth Paltrow PG 4K Slash, het. Gwyneth attends a funeral. April 22, 2000.

Gone with the Fantasy Matt Damon/Ben Affleck R 5K Slash. Armelle said, "Ben as Rhett and Matt as Scarlett?" September 5, 2000.

Haunted Written with Larissa. Trent Reznor/Marilyn Manson NC-17 17K Slash. Trent and Manson during and after a concert. October 10, 2000.

It's Paradise Fred Durst/Christina Aguilera NC-17 9K Het. Fred and Christina spend some time together. December 1, 2000.

Jump In The Fire Written with Larissa. Kirk/Lars, James/Cliff NC-17 59K Slash. Cliff and James get together while Kirk and Lars are already together. February 4, 2001.

Just Like This Fred Durst/Christina Aguilera NC-17 36K Het. Fred and Christina sneak around, Christina gets stalked, and other stuff happens. March 28, 2001.

Long Way Down Metallica PG 5K Gen. There is no summary. You must read. December 3, 2000.

Musical Interlude James/Kirk PG-13 10K James and Kirk play music and talk. June 7, 2001.

Oh Baby Trey Parker/Matt Stone, Marc Shaimon/Kevin Spacey PG-13 5K Slash. Matt and Trey deal with some rather odd circumstances. April 2, 2000.

New! On Call Jason/Dylan/Brian PG-13 8K Jason's no longer in Metallica, but he's still on call. September 16, 2001.

Playdate Tri/Trent PG 9K Het. Tri spends a day with one of her favorite people. October 14, 2000.

New! Revolution Justin/Britney NC-17 10K Het. After the Teen People photo shoot, Justin and Britney switch clothes and don't have sex. September 16, 2001.

Sad But True James/Jason NC-17 8K Slash. What did happen in that first year and why did Jason stay? October 8, 2000.

Sated Desires James/Kirk NC-17 11K Slash. James and Kirk have sex. April 22, 2001.

Sleepover James/Jason, Kirk/Lars PG-13 21K Slash. James, Jason and Kirk go to Lars' house for a sleepover. Part of the Outsiders series which can be read at the metslash archive. March 19, 2001.

Strange Capers Kirk/Lani NC-17 7K Het. Lani comes to visit during the filming of the "I Disappear" video. October 22, 2000.

Summer Madness James Hetfield/Eminem NC-17 9K Slash. Smut written in chat for Armelle. August 24, 2000.

Tender Ben Affleck/Casey Affleck PG-13 6K Slash. After a long day on the set of 200 Cigarettes, Ben takes care of his brother. August 27, 2000.

Three-Headed Kiss Matt Damon/Ben Affleck/Casey Affleck PG-13 6K Slash. An attempt to learn lines turns into a tag-team seduction. Response to Joanne's first line challenge. April 30, 2000.

Touch and Go Kirk/Lars NC-17 8K Slash. Kirk. Lars. Porn. Part of the Outsiders series which can be read at the metslash archive. February 8, 2001.

Togetherness Matt Damon/Ben Affleck NC-17 6K Slash. Matt and Ben spend some quality time together after a rough day of filming. February 15, 2000.

Slash Specific Essays

Slash: Sex, Emotion, and Women's Writing. False parallels and explanations for why women write slash. This essay was written largely in reaction to an article about slash in the SF Gate. For a more general approach to some of the same themes, including a definition of slash, see my essay on Slash.

Male Inexpressiveness and Slash: A Moral Dilemma. For an explanation of slash, see my essay on Slash.

Slash. An old, and most likely out-dated, explanation I wrote about slash.



Lots of these.

Amatia's FPS and RPS. Matt/Ben, incest, slash, het.

AnneZo. X-Files and Once a Thief. Good stuff. Trust me.

Bliss. Excellent Metallica slash.

Cori Lannam. Yummy, yummy stuff.

Diana Williams. A humorous story that I admit I haven't read, but also the "Joined at the Soul" and "Chains of Desire" series, both M/Sk and the "Forging the Chains" series, Sk/m, m/m, and Sk/K.

Emily Brunson. Em writes Sports Night and Sentinel slash, as well as some fandoms I don't read. She's good at it.

Francesca. Francesca is writing the infamous Nature series as well as lots of other good Sentinel slash. Be sure to read "Bother," "I Had a Dream," and "Nothing On," as well as the Nature and Cycles series.

Halrloprillalar. A very interesting mix of mostly strange stuff, including Scully/Holly slash, a very weird Pendrell/Skinner series, and the marvelous Pendrell/Courtenay stories.

Hayz. Yummy Metallica slash.

Helen. Helen has written absolutely wonderful Sentinel and Sports Night slash. She's now been taken over by, shudder, NSync slash.

Hth. The author of "Thank You for Not Smoking," my favorite ScullySlash. Hth has also written other X-Files slash, as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Due South, and Xena slash.

Jane St. Clair. Very, very good slash and het.

Jessica Harris. Go read her "Towery City" stories. You'll be glad you did.

JiM. Mostly M/Sk, with some Krycek. If you go here, definitely read the Houseboat Variations. JiM and MJ occasionally co-write series in which each of them writes from a different character's perspective.

Josan. Josan writes tons of Sk/K and some M/Sk/K. And it's good, too.

Kassandra. Kassandra is a wonderful writer. Most of her stuff is M/Sk, including a novel, but there is some M/Sk/K, a Krycek/Pendrell series, and M/K babyfic.

Larissa. My partner in writing and an incredible author. Metallica slash, gen, het and other assorted Real People Fic.

Lianne Burwell. I started out reading her War of the Worlds/X-Files crossover, and moved on to the Once a Thief, La Femme Nikita and Eroica slash. The OaT series on her page introduced me to Eroica. (Thanks, Lianne!)

Merri-Todd Webster. Merri-Todd writes X-Files and Sentinel fic. She's working on the Cornerstone series, a K/WMM series, with MJ.

Miriam Heddy. Miriam writes Sports Night slash, which is enough to make me happy.

MJ. MJ has written three interesting psychological essays exploring slash writing. She also writes X-Files slash, mostly M/Sk, but some M/K, M/Sk/K, and L/B. MJ and JiM occasionally write interesting series in which they each write from a different character's perspective.

Nonie Rider. I highly recommend the "To the Hilt" stories, but be forewarned that they are rather dark and disturbing.

Pares. A very good writer. Especially near and dear to my heart because she writes L/B slash.

Perri Smith. One of the first authors whose writing I ever loved.

The Spike. You have to love anyone who writes gorgeous fic, including Iron Chef slash.

Te. Te writes unbelievably wonderful stuff. Lots of M/K, some Sk/K, some Langly/Byers, and some Pendrell/Krycek, along with Once a Thief, Sports Night, X-Men and Buffy slash.

torch. torch's most famous body of work is the North-West Passage novels which take a serious look at Mulder's abusive behavior toward Krycek, but torch has also written many other good stories, including some Voyager P/K stuff.

Viridian. Viridian writes all kinds of wonderful stories including the Weakness series which deals with a Mulder who has multiple personalities, the Addictions-Turnabout series which deals with Mulder as the victim of a kidnapper and Stockholm Syndrome, the Green Series which is a Mulder/Krycek/Pendrell series, as well as great stand alones, such as "But Do You Recall..." and "Affirmations." Be sure to check out the Once a Thief, Two Guys and a Girl, X-Men, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie) Pike/Benny slash.


Although there are many out there, these are my favorites.

Australian Slash Archive. The home for slash by Australian writers, including Fern Clarke.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Slash. A Buffy slash archive.

Complete Kingdom of Slash. This is no idle boast. Slash from many, many fandoms.

DamonAffleckSlash Archive. Damon/Affleck slash. RPS and FPS.

Down in the Basement. The newest home for X-Files slash. It now also includes all the stories that used to be at Archive/X.

852 Prospect: The Sentinel Adult Fiction Archive. Sentinel slash.

Eroica Fan Fiction Index. An index of all Eroica fan fic with information as to where it can be found.

The Fan Fiction Directory. A directory of fan fiction sites.

Fan Fiction on the Net and the Slash list. A marvelous index of fan fic by fandom.

Jay & Silent Bob Slash. Exactly what it says.

Kevin Smith Slash. About the movies by the writer/director.

Law & Order/Law & Order: SVU Slash Archive. Exactly what it says.

The Lone Slasher. Lone Gunman Slash.

metslash archive. Anything goes Metallica slash.

MovieSlash Archive. Movie slash.

Nummy Treats. The archive for Spike/Xander fic.

Pink Rabbit. f/f slash.

Rare Slash Archive. The archive for rare slash fandoms and pairings. Some of my stories are there and I'm part of the Rare Slash webring.

RareSlashX Archive. A Real People Slash archive.

ScullySlash Story Archive. The archive for the ScullySlash List.

Sith Academy. A hilarious and slashy universe created by Siubhan.

SKSA. The Skinner/Krycek slash archive.

Sports Night Fan Fiction Archive. Growing slightly faster as Comedy Central reruns SN.

Ultimate Slash Links. Links which either do not appear or are out of date on Karen's index.

Unconventional Shippers List Archive. Unusual Buffy pairings.

Wild OaTs. The Once a Thief adult fan fic archive.

X-Men Slash Central. A small but growing collection of X-Men slash.


Things about slash, fan fiction, and writing in general.

Citizens Against Bad Slash. A harsh, hilarious and true critique of slash today. Never fear; they do offer suggestions.

The Elements of Phyle. A style guide directed at X-Files fan fic writers. A must see.

Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers. Exactly what it says. The best resource of this type. However, be forewarned that this site is very graphic, both in words and pictures.

Slash Resources. Links to all kinds of sites. Again, be forewarned, some of this is very graphic.