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Name: Popular
Creator: Ryan Murphy & Gina Matthews
Date(s): September 29, 1999 – May 18, 2001
Medium: TV series
Country of Origin: United States
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Popular was a WB teen comedy-drama that lasted for two seasons.


Brooke McQueen (Leslie Bibb) and Sam McPherson (Carly Pope), students at Jacqueline Kennedy High School, are polar opposites. Brooke is a popular cheerleader and Sam is an unpopular journalist. Their respective groups are forced to socialize when Brooke's father and Sam's mother get engaged and the two girls have to share a house.

Main Characters

Popular Crowd:

  • Brooke McQueen
  • Josh Ford
  • Nicole Julian
  • Mary Cherry

Unpopular Crowd:

  • Samantha "Sam" McPherson
  • Harrison John
  • Lily Esposito-Ford
  • Carmen Ferrara
  • Michael 'Sugar Daddy' Bernardino


  • Roberta "Bobbi" Glass


While the fandom is fairly small, it's often cherished by fans for its characters, comedy and relationships. Fanfiction is mainly focused on Fanfiction.net, LiveJournal or author websites, but fanworks on Archive of Our Own is growing. Gifs of Mary Cherry and other popular characters are fairly common to find.

For most of the fans of the series, Popular is often the first fandom they had for the actors Leslie Bibb, Carly Pope, Christopher Gorham, Bryce Johnson, Leslie Grossman, Tamara Mello, Sara Rue and Wentworth Miller.

Many compare Sam/Brooke pairing to Quinn/Rachel of Glee, Ryan Murphy's next big TV hit that gained a much larger fandom.


Pairing names such as smooshed or fanciful were not used in the Popular fandom. Most fans just simply used initials of the two characters, such as S/B, or the actual names:

Femslash is very popular, in particularly the Sam/Brooke pairing. Het and Gen also appeared frequently. Slash is fairly rare.


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