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Synonyms: humor!vid
Related: Crack
See Also: Comedy, Parody
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Humor is a genre of fanworks.



Fan Films


Fan Vids

Humor is a genre of fanvids created in order to show a fandom's funny lines or a humorous plot, otherwise it focuses on a character or pairing (or even a group). They could sometimes even be considered a crack!vid.

On a fanvid's subject line, "humor" can be usually found. Video captures from other shows/films, soundtrack or subtitles can often be seen or heard in the vids to showcase a fan reaction or add humor.

Most Commonly Used Sources

There are several sound and image sources that are in popular use in humor videos. They include (but aren't limited to):


  • old movie count down screen
  • white noise image/sound
  • "no programming available" television screen accompanied by a loud beep


  • #WTF?

Songs/Audio Tracks

  • "Oh shit!" (echoed, source:?)
  • "Surprise, motherfucker!" (source: Dexter)
  • "Surprise, bitch" (source:?)
  • "All by myself" (song)
  • "I will go down with this ship" from Dido's White Flag
  • Chariots of Fire by Vangelis


Fanworks Examples



Hart of Dixie:

Once Upon a Time:

Teen Wolf:

The Vampire Diaries: