You, Me and Steve

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Title: You, Me and Steve
Creator: nel_ani
Date: 20 May 2012
Format: digital vid
Length: 1:54 min
Music: Garfunkel & Oates
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, MCU
Footage: Iron Man 1 & 2, Captain America, The Avengers, What's Your Number
URL: You, Me and Steve (LiveJournal)
You, Me and Steve (Tumblr)
You and me and your friend Steve (Stony) (YouTube)
You, Me and Steve.png

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You, Me and Steve is a Pepper/Tony, Steve/Tony vid by nel_ani. The vid is told from Pepper's POV who realizes that her relationship with Tony may not be exactly what she thought it was.

Summary: It's not that Pepper doesn't like Steve, she just figured she was getting involved with Tony, not Steve and Tony.

Vidder's note: "The original premise to this totally comes from tumblr, so kudos to whomever had the thought first, I'm just running with it."

The original vid post on LJ offers download links and an embedded Vimeo version that's password protected. The corresponding tumblr post also has the password protected version. The vid was reuploaded to YouTube by mysticflower95 on June 24, 2012, where it had more than 28,000 views by October 2012.


OMG SO DELIGHTFUL!!! Such a great song choice, your comic timing is fabulous and your use of all the extra Chris Evans footage is just perfect. *hugs this vid forever*[1]
Oh dear...there is actually a song that fits like a glove - who would have believed that. I am TOTALLY shipping Tony/Steve but this vid was way too amusing. I laughed so hard. Great just great...[2]
Holy crap. This is PERFECTION. I almost fainted when Steve appeared. The scenes just go perfectly with the song, which is already perfect. Totally brilliant, that's for sure. I'm in love with this.[3]
this is one of the greatest things i've ever seen. I can't help bursting out in laughter every time i hear "What the fuck's your fucking problem?!" and "Are you gay for steve? I think you might be."[4]


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