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Name: jedusaur
Alias(es): turnoverhockey, ohshitcircuit
Type: podficcer, fan writer, vidder
Fandoms: Bandom RPF, Hockey RPF, RPF, Check Please, Teen Wolf, Hikaru no Go, Marvel Cinematic Universe
URL: LiveJournal; Dreamwidth; AO3; Pinboard; Twitter
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jedusaur is a prolific multifannish writer and podficcer. They write fanfic and meta.

They have a Tumblr called turnoverhockey dedicated to transformative hockey fandom.

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Notable Works

Fandom Activity

Jedusaur was on the con comm along with exmanhater, jarrow, and Rhea314 for Pacificon 2018.

They have made a Blanket Permission to Podfic statement, saying "I support and encourage transformations of my work, and would love to know about them if you create any, but you don't need to ask my permission."[1]

On December 12, 2013, they created a meta fanwork entitled "Kudos On This Work" with the text "I just realized you can kudos your own work if you leave kudos before you're added as an author. So I've initiated a mass collaboration, wherein everyone who leaves kudos will be added as an author, because the work consists of the kudos." Jelazakazone offered to podfic it. Unfortunately, someone deleted the work on December 18, possibly by accident. At the time it was deleted, the work had 176 authors, including orphan_account.

Jedusaur organized the Check Please! Valentine's Day Fanworks Exchange in February 2015.


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