Jeff Carter/Mike Richards

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Pairing: Jeff Carter/Mike Richards
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Canonical?: nno
Prevalence: secondary; most common LA Kings pairing
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Jeff Carter and Mike Richards are best friends who played hockey together in Philadelphia, until they were both traded away in a genuinely surprising deal (both players had recently signed long-term contracts with the Flyers, of whom Richards was also the captain). All ended well when Carter was later traded again to Richards' team and Richie memorably tweeted: "Reunited and it feels so good...... Excited to be back playing with carts #needaroommate"[1]


As playfully described by slexenskee in her post[2], "Jeff Carter is the Juliet to Mike Richard's Romeo, but instead of dying at the end they win a Stanley Cup."

In fic, a secret relationship is sometimes used to explain their real-life obvious shock and disappointment at the trades; another trope has them picking up women together, ultimately leading to a liaison between the two of them.




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