Jeeves and the Editorial Distress

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Title: Jeeves and the Editorial Distress
Podfic Artist(s): triedunture
Cover Artist: cybel
Date(s): April 30, 2008
Length: 0:50:21
File: 45.4MB mp3; 23.7MB m4b
Based On: Jeeves and the Editorial Distress
Author: triedunture
Fandom: Jeeves & Wooster
External Links: On the AA

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Jeeves and the Editorial Distress is a 50-minute Reginald Jeeves/Bertie Wooster podfic by triedunture. It is a podfic of the fanfic of the same name, written by triedunture.

Summary: Bertie begins writing for the first time.

It was posted as part of the 2008 amplificathon challenge.

Recs and Reviews

  • "...this was one of the best written and best *read* Jeeves & Wooster fics that I have ever come across. It was so *delightful*. The way you wrote Bertie, the things he said, his interaction with his friend by the pool, it was all just so perfectly written. I had a huge grin on my face at the perfectly (I'm overusing this word but seriously it fits) romantic ending."[1]
  • "While listening I saw the scenes unfold before my inner eye like a missing episode. Your writing and accents are so beautiful in character."[2]


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