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Name: Dexter
Creator: Jeff Lindsay (book),
James Manos, Jr. (TV series)
Date(s): 2004 - present (book),
2006 - 2013 (TV)
Medium: television series, book series
Country of Origin: US
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Dexter is a series of novels by Jeff Lindsay and the title of the adapted Showtime TV series which ran for eight seasons.


The story follows titular character Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter analyst with Miami Metro Police Department who moonlights as a vigilante serial killer.

Book Series

TV Series

The show stars Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan and Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan. The series followed loosely the novels.


Dexter is still a fairly small fandom and is mainly located on FFN and LJ, and has recently started branching out to Tumblr and AO3. It is also a Yuletide fandom since 2006. Most fanfic is based on the TV series, not the books, though some stories incorporate elements from both. Many stories are fix-its for various canon deaths throughout the TV series. There has been a small surge in works posted to AO3 in 2022, and it is no longer eligible for Yuletide, with over 1100 works published across AO3 and FFN.

The most popular pairing is Dexter/Debra called "Debster", which is sometimes considered incest because the two characters are adoptive siblings. A popular slash pairing is Brian/Dexter (which is also incest). Other pairings include Dexter/Rita, Dexter/Hannah, Debra/Lundy, Debra/Quinn, Debra/Rudy, and Jamie/Quinn. The canon het pairings of Dexter/Lila and Dexter/Lumen are fairly rare.

Crossovers are moderately popular, with Supernatural by far the most common. Less popular crossovers include Hannibal, NCIS, and other crime shows set in the Miami area (Burn Notice, CSI: Miami, etc.), and Buffy (Rita Bennett was played by Julie Benz, Darla in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series).



  • The Way by Basingstoke - "The way Frank Lundy finds a killer"
  • Style by copperbadge - "Dexter makes a friend" (NCIS crossover)
  • What I Am by Morgan Briarwood (morgan32) - Miami's most prolific serial killer, Dexter Morgan, is arrested for murder. Ironically, this time he is not guilty.
  • The Edge of the Unknown by lonelywalker - There's a line, and she's here to draw it.
  • Tiny Monsters by linaerys - When left alone with Dexter following the apocalypse, someone begins to suspect he’s not what they thought he was.
  • Death Row by CuriTeaist - Dexter has 8 visitors while he's on death row.
  • Wrong by shan21 - Dexter knows he has to leave his family to protect them. Deb refuses to accept this. Dexter tries to convince her.
  • Something is Cracking by Pirate Perian - Deb catches Dexter in the act.
  • Water Through a Rusted Pipe by Pirate Perian - Deb sees a side of her brother that she's never seen before, and asks some awkward questions. Dexter, in answering them, decides to experiment with truth.





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