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Name: Tanya
Alias(es): Mrseclipse555
Type: vidder
Fandoms: Arrow, The Flash, Community, Dawson's Creek, Teen Wolf, Legend of the Seeker, Outlander, Once Upon a Time, Captain America Movieverse (MCU), The Mummy, The Breakfast Club, The Vampire Diaries, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Friends, Stuck in Love, Beauty and the Beast (CW), The Host, Poor Nastya, various others
URL: YouTube Account
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Mrseclipse555 is a Russian multifandom vidder. She is a popular vidder of Olicity, Captain Swan, Stiles/Lydia, and recently Snowbarry, although she makes various other videos of other pairings/fandoms along with multifandom vids.

Popular or Influential Vids


"I encountered Arrow at the Beginning of August 2014. After watching all two seasons in a matter of one week, I began to obsess (sound familiar?). Pinterest, Youtube, I explored the outer reaches of the Arrow Fandom that I could find. Then I stumbled onto one of Tanya’s videos. I actually believe it was her Stephen Amell ones.

Fact is I loved it. I subscribed to her and explored her videos. Just the way she manipulates the Black and White images floors me. She is a master artist. And her song choices are magnificent. And the way she just focuses in on their faces. She will tug at your heart strings with two seconds of video. TWO!

Because of her, I started dabbling in Vidding."[1]


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