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Pairing: Killian Jones/Emma Swan
Captain Hook/Emma Swan
Alternative name(s): Captain Swan, Hookma
Gender category: het
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Canonical?: canon[1]
Prevalence: popular
Archives: FFN AO3
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Killian Jones/Emma Swan is a pairing of Killian Jones (Captain Hook) and Emma Swan from the Once Upon a Time fandom.


Throughout much of their interaction in season 2, Hook tends to be flirtatious and Emma, antagonistic. Though some of that remains in season 3, it is also made clear that Hook has very deep feelings for Emma, to the point of sacrificing his own chances with her to secure her happiness. As of 3x22, they are in a relationship.

"Trust has been a real issue for [Emma] together with getting to bond with her parents. And yet there’s been this one person in Neverland who she’s been able to confide with, who understands her and that’s Hook. ... In season 2 they might have fought over a compass, but in Neverland [Season 3] Emma has found a compass in Killian, someone she can completely trust and rely on, who believes in her and always puts her first. She knows that he hasn’t told her any lies, quite the opposite as he’s letting his guard down when he’s around her, just like she does when she’s with him."[2]


Emma/Hook immediately became a popular ship for the OUAT fandom following Hook's first appearance in the show in Season 2.

On Tumblr, it's common to find art that parallels Emma/Hook with Rapunzel/Flynn Rider (from the film Tangled)[3]. Additionally, there are many fans that note parallels between Emma/Hook and the series' primary couple, Prince Charming and Snow White [4].

Many fans also find parallels between Emma/Hook and Westley/Buttercup[5] from The Princess Bride. This began with Colin O'Donoghue stating that the character of Hook was based on Dread Pirate Roberts and was further fueled when that film's popular phrase "As you wish" was used in OUAT canon.[6]

In 2015, Captain Swan was number 5 in most reblogged ships on Tumblr[7]. In 2016, Captain Swan was number 12 most reblogged ship on Tumblr[8].

There has been some tension between Captain Swan fans and fans of other ships within the OUAT fandom. See Captain Swan vs. Swan Queen

Common Tropes & Themes

  • Emma teaching Killian about modern life in Storybrooke which includes modern clothing, technology, and watching film versions of Captain Hook.
  • Dark!Hook - where Hook lets his villain side out. Many of these works feature dubious or non-consent.
  • Alternate Universes:
    • Role Reversal AU: where Emma is a Pirate and Killian is the Savior/Prince.
    • Princess!Emma AU, another popular AU where Emma has always been a princess (usually in the Enchanted Forest) and the whole Curse thing never happened. Hook is generally still a pirate or he's a lieutenant of a Navy ship.
    • Time travel, where most of their canon backstories still happened.
  • Love triangle with Neal, Emma's ex and Henry's father, which sometimes causes a lot of angst for Hook and Emma to deal with.
  • True Love's Kiss is a popular trope due to the show's canon history with them.
  • "As you wish" became quite popular when Hook uttered the words to Emma in canon.


  • Captain Swan is the popular pairing name for the ship.
  • Hookma is also a common pairing name for the ship.
  • Lieutenant Duckling refers to an AU work with a young!Killian, where he is still in the royal navy, meeting young!Emma, who grew up as a Princess
  • Captain Duckling AU where Princess Emma meets Captain Hook
  • Lieutenant Swan usually in modern AUs where Killian is a lieutenant who meets Emma in a modern world without magic
  • Captain Wench AU with Captain Hook and Emma, as a tavern wench
  • Prince Duckling: AU with Princess Emma meeting Killian, who is a Prince
    • These names vary from Emma being a princess to a thief.




  • Second Star to the Right was one of the earliest lengthy fics for this pairing and remains the most popular on (See Arts for the graphic created for this story.)
  • The Daring and the Devious is part one of the most popular AUs. Its sequel Of Mirrors and Marionettes is still in progress.
  • The Lost Boys is a modern AU where Killian is a musician and Emma is an actress. It is a WIP.
  • Crimson is AU where Snow and Charming hadn't sent Emma through the wardrobe when she's born, so she grows up as their daughter in Storybrooke. She attends Boston College, where she meets Killian Jones, a mysterious professor.




Tumblr acts as the hub for most of the Captain Swan fandom and, as such, contains most of the meta. CS Meta is the tag used most on Tumblr for new meta posts. Some notable users that post meta are: OnceUponAMirror, When-You-re-Not-Yelling, and VickyVicarious


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