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Name: Killian Jones
Captain Hook
Occupation: Pirate
Relationships: younger brother to Liam Jones; half-brother of Liam Jones II; ex-lover of Milah; pseudo-stepfather to her son with Rumplestiltskin, Baelfire;
in love with and husband of Emma Swan;
stepfather of Henry Mills; father of Hope Swan-Jones;
son-in-law of Prince Charming and Snow White;
brother-in-law of Neal Nolan
enemy of: Rumplestiltskin, Peter Pan and Hades
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Other: Played by the actor Colin O'Donoghue
Killian Jones by PricklyAlpaca (2015)
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Killian Jones, also known as Captain Hook, is a main character in the television series Once Upon a Time.


Killian Jones appears in the series first as a conspirator with Cora and was promoted as a villain "more despicable, more evil" than Rumplestiltskin[1]. It is revealed that Killian becomes known as Captain Hook after Rumplestiltskin kills his love Milah, who is also Rumple's wife, and cuts off his hand. Along with his crew, Killian travels to Neverland to buy time and has spent centuries finding a way to avenge Milah's memory by killing Rumplestiltskin.

When his attempts to end Rumple's life fail, Killian begins to reassess his life and finds that once his revenge is complete, he'll have nothing to look forward to. After an abrupt change of heart in the season 2 finale, Killian chooses hope and honor over self-preservation and returns to Storybrooke. He offers his ship and services to help the Charmings, Regina, and Rumplestiltskin to save Henry from Neverland, setting him on a course towards a hero's journey in season 3.


Within fandom, Hook is seen more as a tragic anti-hero by his fans and as the worst villain on the show by his detractors (he did, after all, both backhand and shoot one of the most beloved characters on the show). The creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have said publicly that Hook is not good or evil, but rather self-serving.

The reaction to the character has been so overwhelming that before his introductory episode "The Crocodile" even aired, O'Donoghue was made a series regular. In addition, the season 2 DVD included an entire bonus featurette about Captain Hook.

Common Tropes

  • Killian learning about modern life in Storybrooke which includes modern clothing, technology, and watching film versions of Captain Hook.
  • Dark!Hook - where Hook lets his villain side out. Many of these works feature dubious or non-consent. Dark One!Hook.
  • Killian regaining his left hand.

Some common story elements that were eventually Jossed include:

  • Killian being both Peter Pan and Captain Hook[2]
  • Killian not having any family[3]


As soon as O'Donoghue was announced for the role, OUAT fans began pairing Captain Hook with canon (Sleeping Beauty, based heavily on actress Sarah Bolger's role on The Tudors playing opposite O'Donoghue) and non-canon (Ariel, who had not yet been introduced) characters.

The most popular romantic pairing for this character is with Emma Swan, referred to as Captain Swan. Although Aurora/Hook and Ariel/Hook are still pretty common. There is a small amount of shipping him with this version's Wendy Darling which is referred to as Darling Hook.

In terms of non-romantic relationships, Hook's antagonistic bromance in Season 3 with Prince Charming (known as Captain Charming or Davey Jones) in often used in fanworks. His past paternal relationship with Milah's son Baelfire has inspired works (both slash and gen) in the Hookfire fandom.


See List of OUAT pairing names for a list of Killian related pairing terminology.

Fans of Captain Hook call themselves Hookers, much to the chagrin of the family-friendly ABC Network and the amusement of Colin O'Donoghue.


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