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Regency AU is the most commonly used term for fanworks that take characters from a modern or future-set fandom and relocate them to a stereotypical Regency era romance, as seen in the pages of Georgette Heyer. It is a form of historical AU.

The works of Jane Austen are often an inspiration for Regency AUs. These can include Pride and Prejudice Fusions, with characters from other fandoms taking on the roles of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

No fandom is safe from this trope, from Gundam Wing to Harry Potter to some other, even more unlikely, fandoms. Unlike canonical Regencies, it is relatively rare that much effort towards historical accuracy is made. However, historical events may be incorporated, such as the Napoleonic wars and their aftermath.

Some tropes which appear in Regency AUs are Arranged Marriage and Marriage of Convenience.

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