Abby Griffin/Marcus Kane

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Pairing: Abby Griffin/Marcus Kane
Alternative name(s): Kabby
Gender category: Het
Fandom: The 100
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Common
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Abby/Kane is a het pairing of Abby Griffin and Marcus Kane in The 100 fandom.



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Fan Art


  • Lessons in Love by Miss_Peletier, He's the arrogant asshole Abby can't escape, the man who thinks he's better than everyone because he teaches AP Government and Classic Literature. And Abby's the most infuriating, stubborn science teacher he's ever met, the woman who seems to exist for the sole purpose of making his life difficult. January arrives, winter storms hit, and Arkadia High School will never be the same. (Modern/Teacher AU)
  • A Flower In Autumn by enigmaticagentscully, But Clarke is not the only one in danger of letting her heart run away with her, as circumstances bring Abby closer than ever to her old friend Colonel Kane; a man for whom she holds a tentative and growing regard, and who may now be her only hope in her greatest hour of need. (Regency AU)
  • Procreation by Mademoiselle_Arel, After the Exodus disaster, about 150 people have survived and found a way to repair the Ark. They don't know if the 100 are still alive, so the council decides to do what it takes to ensure that the human race will survive, and edicts a new law: Each person between the ages of eighteen and fifty are obliged to have a child.
  • Promised Land by ChancellorGriffin, it takes six years, four months and nineteen days, but Abby Griffin and Marcus Kane finally bring their whole family back together, one by one


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