A Flower In Autumn

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Title: A Flower In Autumn
Author(s): enigmaticagentscully
Date(s): January 1, 2017 - August 19, 2017
Length: 63627 words, 14 chapters
Genre: Het, Regency AU
Fandom: The 100
External Links: A03
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A Flower In Autumn is a Abby Griffin/Marcus Kane Regency AU fic. As of August 2018 it has 7883 hits, 518 kudos, 155 comments and 56 bookmarks, and is also the second highest Kabby centered complete fic (not a collection of drabbles) in terms of hits and kudos on Archive of Our Own.


A.K.A. The Melodramatic Kabby Regency Romance AU You Never Knew You Needed Until Now

‘Living in her late husband’s vast estate with only her daughter Clarke for company, Abby Griffin is a mother pulled in two directions – caught between the desire to see her daughter happily wed and the fear of losing the companionship of the child who means more to her than anything in the world.

When the wealthy young Blake siblings move into town, Abby sees her daughter find a chance for happiness, even love...who could imagine that a friendship with their seemingly charming new neighbours might spell disaster for them all?

But Clarke is not the only one in danger of letting her heart run away with her, as circumstances bring Abby closer than ever to her old friend Colonel Kane; a man for whom she holds a tentative and growing regard, and who may now be her only hope in her greatest hour of need.’

Featuring: Gossip! Ballrooms! Scandal! Duels! Incredibly repressed sexual tension! And every other regency romance cliché you could wish for!

Reactions and Reviews

OH MY GOD, I can’t even describe the amount of feelings I have regarding this fic. I’mma start crying, no joke. Period/regency era AU isn’t usually my thing, but this is beautifully written, perfectly in-character (Alice’s Abby Griffin could literally have walked off the show and into this fic, and as Abby trash, this delights me) and the romance is dazzling.[1]
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although writing historical AU can often be difficult, at least in my opinion - I thought about it and haven't done it bc I'm a little scared - this is absolutely perfect. You have their characters down to a science and I can't wait to see where it's going! (Also, I'm so weak for Marcus and Abby dancing in period outfits...like, help??!?!?!?!??!)[2]
I've really enjoyed this story! This setting is so perfect for the tension that is Kabby, because it's powerful, yet repressed, or not easily/outwardly expressed, due to societal bonds, and I think that is so canonically Kabby and their sexual tension. It was awesome to see their relationship explored in a different time period and setting. And, I can't NOT talk about how much I love that the Griffins and Kanes are like, SCREW WHAT SOCIETY THINKS! WE ARE THE SOCIETY THAT MATTERS! because of course they would support Octavia and Lincoln and OF COURSE Bellamy is going to take a little while to get used to the idea of it because that is exactly who they are as characters. Also, Vera...Every story needs more Vera Kane, so thank you for making her magnificent. :)[2]
This is so well written and even though it's AU, everyone behaves exactly as you would imagine.[2]


The author is also an artist who created companion pieces for the story, that she posted on her tumblr:

She also created a playlist, and had a playlist, Archived version created for the fic by a fan.

A Flame in Winter

The author created a short sequel, or what she termed a separate "epilogue", called A Flame in Winter, as of August 2018 it has 809 hits, 75 kudos, 14 comments and 5 bookmarks.