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Name: Outlander
Cross Stitch (UK & Australia)
Creator: Diana Gabaldon
Date(s): 1991 - present (books)
2014 - present (TV series)
Medium: books, live-action TV series, musical soundtrack, graphic novel
Country of Origin:
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The Outlander series is a book series of eight historical multi-genre novels by Diana Gabaldon. The television adaptation of the Outlander series premiered, in the US, on August 9, 2014.


The series focuses on the Second World War–era nurse Claire Randall, who travels through time to 18th century Scotland and finds adventure and romance with the dashing Jamie Fraser. Lord John Grey series is a spinoff series.

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Author's View of Fanfiction

Gabaldon is well know for her hatred of fanfiction, and requests that fan writers do not use her characters in their fanworks. This is ironic since the character of Jamie Fraser, she has openly admitted was inspired by another character from an established media franchise, Jamie McCrimmon from Doctor Who.


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