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Pairing: Barry Allen/Caitlin Snow
Alternative name(s): Snowbarry,[1] Flashfrost, Frostflash, Snowflash, SnowAllen, FlashFrost, KillerFlash, SaviFrost, Frostar, Savisnow, ChemFrost, Carry, Bartlin,[2] Baitlin[3]
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: The Flash (CW)
Canonical?: non-canon
Prevalence: popular
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Barry/Caitlin is a non-canon het pairing of Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow from the The Flash fandom.


Although Caitlin had met Barry while he was comatose, it wasn't until after Barry woke up[4] that both actually met each other.


The pairing of Caitlin/Barry took off immediately after the series trailer was released.[5] Fans and non-fans of the ship often compare the Caitlin/Barry ship to Olicity (of the parent fandom Arrow)[3], due to how many fans shipped that pairing before it was made canon and the hope that the same can be done for Caitlin/Barry. Some are averse to ship Snowbarry due to knowing Caitlin Snow's comicverse fate, becoming the villain Killer Frost, or the comicbook canon that Barry marries Iris West, although she is not necessarily his biggest love interest in the comics.

Snowbarry fans started referring to Caitlin Snow's actress, Danielle Panabaker, the Captain of Snowbarry due to her positive comments about the relationship,[6][7][8] although she does mostly shy away from discussing the ships.

Also, like it's parent fandom and the pairing Olicity, many different Media Networks such as MTV or TV Guide have acknowledged the Snowbarry fans,[7] or confirm that they are fans themselves.[9]

On February 3, 2015, "Excited For Snowbarry", "Barry and Caitlin" and "Snowbarry" trended on Twitter.[10]

February 12–27, a Snowbarry Week was hosted on Tumblr by originalsnowbarry[11]



  • Grappling With the Logic, of All We Once Held True by define serenity, In a quiet moment at the lab, Caitlin talks to Barry the day after he visits his dad in prison.
  • Make My Way Back Home To You by define serenity, In blissfully quiet moments at night she'll card her fingers through his hair and question whether he ever thinks about her wellbeing. She wonders if he thinks about what leaving her behind does to her every time he utters the words, "Caitlin, I have to do this."
  • (i know that) we're cool by Lint, She hasn't smiled much because there hasn't been anything worth smiling about. But all of a sudden some string bean of a police scientist wakes up from a lightning induced coma, and her facial muscles magically remember how?
  • Not The Right Color On You by define serenity, It's been plain for everyone to see since Felicity's first visit. Barry likes Felicity. It's obvious in the way he turns mouthy and incoherent, a trait he actually shares with Felicity, and his usual lack of filter becomes an all-out catastrophe.
  • kissing it better with my lips drunk from your glass by Bella, Barry more or less talks about iris while accompanying a tipsy Caitlin back home. (Episode tag to 1x5 "Plastique")
  • Of Hot Chocolate and Sweaters by Ebianna, Caitlin Snow just wants to get warm. Barry Allen is very curious.
  • This is how (I cried your name but I heard nothing) by gustin puckerman, This is how his heart breaks. Or Barry's reaction throughout the kidnapping. (Episode tag to 1x10)
  • the process of healing by chasingblue57, In the wake of her kidnapping, Barry and Caitlin undertake a small step in the process of healing. (Episode tag to 1x10)
  • Snowbarry Oneshots by Jemma97 "A collection of unrelated fluffy Snowbarry drabbles."
  • Just One Night by Jemma97 "Line up the facts and come to a conclusion, she thinks. Fact 1: Barry and I just had sex. Fact 2: it was a one-night-stand. Fact 3: Barry still loves Iris. Fact 4: I...I still love Ronnie. Don't I?"
  • Partners by prismdreams "Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow couldn't be anymore opposite from each other. Barry was just a guy trying to figure things out, living life as it comes and Caitlin always had a plan in life. When these two are forced to work together, getting along could be half of the battle where good grades are concerned. Snowbarry AU. High school."
  • Stay With Me by prismdreams "As Barry lays in a coma from the brutal beating Zoom had inflicted on him, Caitlin stays by his side and doesn't leave until he wakes up. OneShot. Snowbarry. Set in 2x06. Alternate ending."
  • Outcasts by prismdreams "With meta-humans coming out of hiding, society has yet to accept who they are and what they can do. Registration is mandatory or they face the harsh penalty. Two outcasts neglected this order. Rebelling against the system was where it started. Does it end with their enslavement from being born different? Or will their rebellion be the ultimate sanctuary? FlashFrost/Snowbarry AU."
  • Alliances by prismdreams "Future Flash takes Killer Frost to her true calling and their ultimate alliance to each other proves more than they can handle. Extended scene of the teaser 3x19 "The Once and Future Flash." Frostar. Evil!Flashfrost. SaviFrost."
  • Hacked by prismdreams "Our entire lives are on the internet, we can be anyone and get away with it. Isn't that what we all really want? Who knew wanting anonymity could turn so deadly. Snowbarry AU"
  • Solace by primsdreams "Caitlin Snow dreamed of great things for herself. Those days were over when she continued the path her father would approve of. After a huge wake up call she set out to carve her own journey. Barry Allen wanted to protect only one person, for a long time that was his life. He didn't think of himself since high school. Maybe life had so much more than he thought. Snowbarry AU"




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  • Snowbarry Spot Discord server A server focused on enjoying all the variations of the Barry/Caitlin ship. Also designed to be multishipper friendly to try to avoid ship war drama.

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See Westallen vs. Snowbarry


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