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Title: Snowbarry Talk
Created by: prismdreams (aka Audrey)
Date(s): October 2015 – present
Focus: Barry/Caitlin
Fandom: The Flash
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Snowbarry Talk is a very popular non-profit fan podcast for the The Flash fandom that features the Barry/Caitlin pairing. It was founded in 2015 steaming from the idea of a simple hashtag.

Started as a way to create a voice in the Snowbarry fandom. Because of its non-canon pairing main Snowbarry shippers are scattered and don't feel like they have a voice. The podcast creates a voice where there is none.

Audrey, its founding member is the main podcaster who puts together episode records of each episode of The Flash starting from Season 2. Its very first episode was about The Flash S2x01 entitled "The Man Who Saved Central City."

From then on the podcast has featured discussions with various Snowbarry shippers from all over including Snowbarry's founding ship name creator Cammien Ray. The most recent guest has been author, writer and artist David M. Taylor who conducts his own personal reviews upon the episodes dating back to Season 2-4. He has recorded two podcasts and plans to record more.


In October 2017 it was announced that SBT will delve into full length video reviews on youtube starting from Season 1-4.

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