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Name: Iris Ann West
Iris Ann West-Allen (married name)
Occupation: Leader of Team Flash
Detective (E2 of the Arrowverse)
Location: Central City
Status: Alive
Relationships: Comicsverse
Eric and Fran Russell (New Earth biological parents), Ira and Nadine West (New Earth adoptive parents), William West (Prime Earth father)
Rudy and Daniel West (brothers), Charlotte West (sister),
Barry Allen (Husband),
Don Allen (Son), Dawn Allen (Daughter),
Bart Allen and Jenni Ognats (grandchildren),
Wally West and Wally R. West (nephews),
Joe and Francine West (parents), Ester (great-grandmother), Ben West (grandfather), Wally West (brother), Barry Allen (fiancé), Eddie Thawne (ex-fiancé)
Fandom: The Flash, DC Comics, The Flash (Arrowverse), Young Justice (cartoon), Injustice: Gods Among Us, Justice League: The New Frontier, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, The Flash (1990s), DCEU
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Iris West is a DC Comics character. She is married to the Barry Allen, the superhero The Flash and works as a reporter.


Iris West's first appearance is in Showcase #4 (October 1956).


From her first appearance, Iris was engaged to Barry Allen and worked as a reporter at Picture News. Iris was born in the 30th century to Eric and Fran Russell and sent to the 20th century as an infant, where she was raised by the West family.

In the New 52 Comics, Iris is not married to Barry but they interact because of their jobs.

In the DC Rebirth Comics, Iris learns that Barry is the Flash through visions of the pre-Flashpoint timeline. She knows that Barry's time travelling caused Flashpoint, and no longer trusts him.

The Flash (2014 TV series)

Although first mentioned in the Arrow TV show, Iris doesn't make her first appearance until the first episode of The Flash.

Iris West is the daughter of police detective Joe West and the childhood friend of Barry Allen. In the first season, Barry is in love with Iris but she is dating and later engaged to Eddie Thawne. Iris becomes obsessed with the mysterious superhero The Flash not realising that he is her best friend. She is the last main character on the show to learn the identity of the Flash. She loses Eddie when he kills himself in order to stop the Reverse Flash (his future descendent).

In Season 2, it is revealed that Iris has a younger brother, Wally West, who was raised by their mother Francine, after she left Joe and Iris. Iris previously thought her mother died when she was a child. At the end of season 2, Barry and Iris begin dating and they later get engaged during season 3.

In Earth-2 of the Arrowverse, Iris is already married to non-powered Barry and is a detective. In the Flashpoint timeline, Wally had gained his superpowers and became The Flash, he teamed up with his sister to protect Central City.

Other Adaptations

Iris was in the 1990s' The Flash TV series where she's a computer graphics artist and Barry's girlfriend for the first episode before moving away. Iris appears a secondary character in Justice League: The New Frontier (as the girlfriend of Barry and knows his identity) and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (Due to Flashpoint, Iris was married and had a child with someone else, by the end her marriage with Barry is restored). Iris has also appeared in Injustice: Gods Among Us comics (only mentioned in the video game).

Iris appears in several episodes of Young Justice as Barry's wife and reporter, eventually pregnant with twins.

Iris is set to appear in DCEU portrayed by Kiersey Clemons, first appearance may or may not be Justice League (2017)[1], but definitely in the solo Flash film.


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In fanworks, Iris is mainly paired up with her canon love interest: Barry Allen.

The Flash (2014 TV Series)

In fanworks, Iris is most commonly paired with her canonical love interests. As of September 2017, Barry Allen/Iris West and Eddie Thawne/Iris West are the two most popular pairings to include this character. Other pairings include Caitlin Snow/Iris West and Lisa Snart/Iris West. Some fans enjoy the incestuous pairing of Iris West/Wally West.

Threesome fics, often pair Iris with Barry Allen and another male character, usually Eddie Thawne or Leonard Snart.

Candice Patton's portrayal of Iris West in the TV series is an example of racebending a traditionally white comic book character. Initial character descriptions appear to show that this was a conscious decision by show creators. [2] This initially caused some controversy. Some fans did not like either the actress or the character. [3] However, many reviewers like her storylines and character development,[4] and many fans believe her race adds both appeal and believability to the series.[5] The announcement that the DCEU would be casting Iris West for the Flash movie, lead to a twitter campaign using the hashtag #KeepIrisBlack.

Young Justice

While Iris West related fanworks are tagged with Young Justice at Archive of Our Own and FanFiction.Net, many of the works showcase her as a secondary character to Wally West or Bart Allen. Iris/Barry is the main pairing for the character.


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