Leonard Snart

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Name: Leonard Snart
Occupation: Criminal
Relationships: Lewis Snart (Father), Lisa Snart (sister)
Fandom: DC Comics, The Flash, The Flash (CW)/Legends of Tomorrow (Arrowverse)
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Leonard Snart is a DC Comics character known as Captain Cold.


Captain Cold first appeared in Showcase #8 (1957). His weapon of choice was a cold gun and he often teamed up with other villains to take on the Flash. This group was called the Rogues.

In the New 52 universe, Captain Cold gained metahuman powers over ice.


In the 2014 version of The Flash TV show, Leonard Snart is played by Wentworth Miller. Snart is a well known thief who finds his robberies thwarted by the Flash. He acquires a cold gun in an effort to defeat the hero, but ultimately fails. This leads to Cisco Ramon giving him the alias Captain Cold.

Many of the episodes which feature Captain Cold as the main antagonist have the word "Rogues" in the title. He first appeared in the fourth episode of season 1, which was titled Going Rogue. Wentworth Miller also portrays Captain Cold in Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 and continues to guest star in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow despite his on screen death.

In Earth-2, Snart - although unseen, was mentioned to be the Mayor of Central City.

In Earth-X, Snart goes by the name of "Leo" and is a member of the Freedom Fighters, and he lost his own Mick Rory. He is the boyfriend of Ray Terrill (The Ray) and in the final episode of crossover special "Crisis on Earth-X", he joins the Legends and stays on Earth-1 while Ray goes back to Earth-X. While similar to his Earth-1 counterpart, he's also different: he has a more optimistic and chipper attitude.

Other Adaptations


Captain Cold has appeared in various DC animated titles, including DCAOM, Justice League Unlimited, Super Friends, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Young Justice.


In The Flash (1990 series) is portrayed by Michael Champion. This version of Leonard is called "Leonard Wynters". Captain Cold appears, face unseen, in a Smallville episode and is assigned to kill Impulse.

Video Games

Captain Cold has appeared in several DC related video games including Injustice 2, Lego Batman, and DC Universe Online.




Fanworks with Leonard Snart as a main character often focus on his more redeeming features and build on the elements of a redemptive arc explored in both episodes of the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.


Snart is most commonly paired with Barry Allen (ColdFlash) or Mick Rory (ColdWave). Barry/Mick/Leonard is also a common poly pairing.

His inclusion in the Legends of Tomorrow team resulted in Captain Cold been paired with Sara Lance. Known to fans as Captain Canary, this is the most popular het pairing for this character. Leonard Snart/Ray Palmer is a rarer pairing arising from this fandom.

Leo Snart, an alternative version of this character from Earth-X, is almost exclusively paired with his canon love interest Ray Terrill.


Many fanworks follow the headcanon that Leonard Snart has a large collection of tattoos hidden under his long sleeves. This is probably a hat tip to Wentworth Miller's protrayal of Michael Scofield in Prison Break

The fanon OC Michael Snart appears in many fanworks. He is Leonard's son, from a previous relationship and his mother is rarely mentioned. If Leonard has a daughter, she is often called Elisabeth Snart and has a similar backstory. Michael Snart is a fan creation, inspired by @coldflashtrash and @who-theh-e-ll-is-bucky.[1][2][3] Many fans now view Michael Snart as fanon. His character tag is not common, but as of October 2017 over 20 fics use the tag Michael Snart - Character on Ao3.[4] By September 2018, there were 56 works including this tag.






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