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Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart
Alternative name(s): Coldwave
Gender category: Slash, M/M
Fandom: The Flash (CW)/Legends of Tomorrow (Arrowverse), The Flash (comics)
Canonical?: non-canon
Prevalence: popular
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Mick/Leonard is a slash pairing of Mick Rory (Heatwave) and Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) in the CW's The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow fandoms.


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In fandom, Mick/Leonard is a popular pairing. As of October 2017, Mick Rory/Leonard Snart is the second most popular ship tag in Legends of Tomorrow works on Ao3 and the fourth most popular ship tag in The Flash works.

Many fic writers believe these two have an established relationship and there are many fics looking at the pre-canon evolution of their relationship, as well as domestic fics, and fics where the other Legends discover their relationship.

Threesome pairings are common. They are most commonly paired with Barry Allen, (Coldflashwave). Other pairings include Ray Palmer/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart and Sara Lance/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart.

In canon, these two characters often give others disparaging nicknames and that trait also appears in fanworks. In threesome pairings, nicknames are often portrayed as terms of endearment.


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  • The Parka by JQ (musicmillennia), Five things Captain Cold's parka holds for others and one thing it holds for him.
  • Melting Point by restlesslikeme, Before meta-humans and freeze rays, Leonard Snart is at the debut of his career in crime, fighting tooth and nail to establish himself from humble beginnings as the best in the game. Life has taught him that the only thing he can rely on is himself, and Len is more than happy to get what he wants alone -- until he meets Mick Rory. Down on his luck, tempestuous, and struggling to contain his own impulses, Mick is the complete opposite of everything Len has ever tried to be -- which might just make him exactly what Len needs.
  • How It Burns by Goddesstio, Mick might be the only thing Len can rely on as he gets drawn deeper and deeper into the criminal underworld and tries to make his own way.


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