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Name: Mick Rory
Occupation: Criminal, Member of Legends, Author, Temporal Bounty Hunter (Former), Member of Legion of Doom (Former)
Relationships: Dick Rory (father)
Fandom: DC Comics, The Flash, Arrow (TV), Legends of Tomorrow
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Mick Rory is a DC Comics character known as Heatwave.



Heat Wave first appeared in The Flash #140 (1963). His weapon of choice was a flame thrower and he often teamed up with other villains to take on the Flash. This group was called the Rogues.

In the New 52 universe, Heat Wave gained metahuman powers and is now capable of shooting fire from his chest.


In the 2014 version of The Flash TV show, Mick Rory is played by Dominic Purcell. Rory is an arsonist, recruited by Leonard Snart to help him defeat the Flash. He was given the moniker Heatwave by Cisco Ramon

This is the first time Mick has worked a job with Snart since a failed heist the previous year. On that job, Mick Rory was badly burned and he has extensive scarring on his upper arms and chest as a result.

Mick Rory is recruited by Rip Hunter to join his team of Legends travelling through time and fighting Vandal Savage. He stays with the team after Snart's death, often partnering with Ray Palmer, Nate Heywood or the other Legends team members.

Mick is also a sci-fi romance novelist under the pen name Rebecca Silver, although in season five premiere gives the pen name and writing to Moana Wu[1]. He's is the only character to break the Fourth Wall during the Legends show title.




Mick Rory is most commonly paired with his criminal partner and Legends team mate Leonard Snart (Coldwave). There are pre-canon fics explaining the origin of this relationship, as well as domestic and fluff works, depicting their lives when they aren't out robbing banks. Many hurt/comfort fics look at their reconciliation after Mick's time with the Time Masters.

In this fandom, Mick Rory is often in threesome pairings with Leonard Snart. The threesome pairing of Barry Allen/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart (FlashColdWave) is very popular. There are also works with the pairings Sara Lance/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart and Ray Palmer/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

The pairing of Mick Rory and Caitlin Snow (Killerwave) has become the most popular het pairing to include this character.

Mick is also paired with Ray Palmer (Atomwave), his team mate on Legends of Tomorrow. Since Amaya joined the Legends cast in Season 2, there are some Amaya Jiwe/Mick Rory fics, but more often they are a side pairing. Other rare pairings include Mick Rory/Iris West, Mick Rory/Felicity Smoak, Mick Rory/Lisa Snart, Mick Rory/Kendra Saunders, Mick Rory/Axel Walker, Mick Rory/Zari Tomaz and Mick Rory/Charlie.

Connections to other Fandoms

Both Wentworth Miller (Leonard Snart) and Dominic Purcell (Mick Rory) played main characters in Prison Break. Both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow make reference to their other show.

Fan Reactions

Some fans have been unhappy with the treatment of his character in Legends of Tomorrow, particularly in season 2.[2] [3] These fans believe he is been depicted as the loutish team idiot, and the other Legends (and possibly the writers of the show) don't give him the credit he deserves.




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