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Name: Raymond "Ray" Terrill
Occupation: superhero
Relationships: Comics:
Happy Terrill (father), Joshua (half-brother), Thomas Terrill (uncle), Hank (cousin), Black Canary (love interest)
Malcolm Terrill (brother), Leonard Snart (boyfriend)
Fandom: DC Comics (Justice League, JSA, Young Justice), Arrowverse
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Ray Terrill is a DC Comics character that is known as the superhero The Ray.



Ray made his first appearance in The Ray #1 (February 1992). His DC Rebirth incarnation was revealed to be gay in 2017. He was added to the Justice League of America team the same year.

Freedom Fighters: The Ray & the Arrowverse

Ray makes his first appearance in the Arrowverse crossover special episodes event titled "Crisis on Earth-X" in 2017 played by Russell Tovey. This version of the character is gay and in a relationship with Earth-X's version of Leonard Snart known as "Leo". He's a metahuman from Earth-1 that traveled to Earth-X and he is a member of the Freedom Fighters. Freedom Fighters: The Ray is a webseries that was released on December 8, 2017 that focuses on Ray and his team and set within the Arrowverse.

Other Appearances

He had cameos in Justice League Unlimited.



Ray is mainly shipped with his canon love interests: Leonard Snart (in Arrowverse fanwork related stuff) also known as "ColdRay" and Dinah Lance (in comicsverse fanwork related stuff).


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