Lisa Snart

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Name: Lisa Snart
Occupation: Criminal
Relationships: Lewis Snart (father), Leonard Snart (brother), Roscoe Dillon (love interest), Cisco Ramon (love interest)
Fandom: The Flash (CW), DC Comics, DCU, Arrowverse
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Lisa Snart aka Golden Glider is a DC Comics character. She is a criminal and member of The Rogues. Her brother Leonard Snart is Captain Cold, leader of the Rogues.



Lisa was a figure skater, but after the death of her lover, Roscoe Dillon aka The Top, she becomes Golden Glider to avenge his death.

In the New 52 comics, Lisa has astral projection metahuman abilities. She is the new leader of the Rogues.


Peyton List portrays Lisa Snart in The Flash TV series. Lisa is a recurring guest character. She can be manipulative; seducing Cisco and kidnapping him to help her brother learn the Flash's identity. She is capable of violence, using her gold gun to attack a local casino run by the mob. Despite this she has a genuine attraction to Cisco and often flirts with him.

Although she's been mentioned since her last appearance on Flash and on Legends of Tomorrow, Lisa has not been seen since Season 2 episode "Family of Rogues". Its currently unknown if actress Peyton List will be back on the show since she went on to play another DC Comics villain, Poison Ivy, in the 4th Season of Gotham.


Often pairings including Lisa appear as side pairings, in DC Comics and Arrowverse fanworks.


Lisa is most commonly paired with her canonical love interest Roscoe Dillon.


Lisa Snart is most commonly paired with Cisco Ramon. This is often a side pairing in Coldflash fics. Rare pairings include Lisa Snart/Caitlin Snow, Lisa Snart/Iris West, Lisa Snart/Laurel Lance, Lisa Snart/Leonard Snart. Lisa can also be paired with Roscoe Dillon her lover from the comics, despite that character not appearing on the show. On the Flash, Roscoe has been gender bent and is now a female villain, Rosa Dillon. The pairing of Rosa Dillon/Lisa Snart is not popular.

Much of her comics backstory is used to inform Lisa's representation in this fandom. Many works mention her passion for figure skating before beginning her life of crime.

In Earth-2, it was suggested that a Snart family member was Mayor of Central City - although it was eventually confirmed to be Lisa's brother Leonard, others still headcanon that it is Lisa instead[1].

Lisa learning or dealing with her brother's canon death on Legends of Tomorrow also appears in fanworks since it has not been confirmed that she knows the truth.


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  • Cover Up by Lady Divine Coldflash (fhartz91), Lisa drags a disapproving Len down to The Flash Tattoo Studio to watch her get a tattoo, but during her session, Len becomes drawn to the artist, tattoo artist extraordinaire Barry Allen. After seeing the amazing job he does on Lisa's one-of-a-kind tattoo, he decides to chance asking Barry for help covering up a secret he has, one that he wears on his back, underneath his clothes, and speaks of every foul thing his father ever did to him.
  • Little Sisters Don't Make Wingwomen by bealeciphers,Len and Barry are getting heavy when Lisa cockblocks Len as payback for when he interrupted her and Cisco. Later, Barry meets Lisa and Mick again which Len isn't happy about. And the cockblocking just keeps happening.
  • accidental heroism by usoverlooked, Cisco calls for help saving the day. “You do owe me, for the whole neck-bomb incident,” Cisco says.


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