Cisco Ramon/Lisa Snart

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Pairing: Cisco Ramon/Lisa Snart
Alternative name(s): GoldenVibe
Gender category: Het
Fandom: DC Comics The Flash, Arrowverse
Canonical?: Semi-canonical
Prevalence: Popular but often a side pairing
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Cisco/Lisa is the pairing of Cisco Ramon and Lisa Snart in the DC Comics and Arrowverse fandoms.


In the Arrowverse, Cisco and Lisa meet in season 1 of The Flash. Lisa kidnaps Cisco as part of her brother's plan to learn The Flash's secret identity. After this encounter, Cisco is mistrustful of Lisa but still attracted to her.


Cisco and Lisa began to be shipped after their first encounter in season 1 of the Flash. It is a popular side pairing in fanfics, with the main pairing often including Barry Allen (Cisco's best friend) or Leonard Snart (Lisa's brother). They primarily appear in Coldflash fics.

Even fics which only have Goldenvibe as a side pairing, exhibit similar storylines and tropes. In fanon, Lisa and Cisco often have to hide their developing relationship from friends and colleagues, because Lisa is a criminal and CIsco works with The Flash. Cisco may receive a shovel talk from Leonard Snart, who ultimately approves of their relationship. Lisa may gain metahuman powers, similar to the DC Comics version of her character. In some fics, Cisco and Lisa end up married with children.



  • Fancy Meeting You Here by Redhead, Gold and Cold run into each other while out with their partners and everything is a bit awkward. At the very least, Cisco hopes this means Len won't murder him for kissing Lisa again.
  • Temperamental Love by Crimson 1, Now that Team Flash and the Rogues are in a tenuous truce, Cisco explains some tweaks to Lisa's gold gun to her, while trying to ignore her advances. He promised Barry he wouldn't give in until the Rogues proved their loyalty this time! Whether or not Barry is holding to the same pact is another story.
  • Ten Foot Pole by mosylu, Cisco knew he wasn't that lucky. Lisa knew he was.
  • TMI by Ihateallergies,Cisco should've never told Lisa about Earth-2.


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