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Name: Bart Allen
Occupation: superhero
Fandom: DC Comics, Smallville, Young Justice
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Bart Allen is a DC Comics character.


He is a speedster and the grandson of Barry Allen, whom he was named after. He has used the superhero code names Impulse, Kid Flash, and The Flash, and is associated with the teams Young Justice and Teen Titans.


Bart's personal timeline is very convoluted. He was born in the 30th century, had hyper-accelerated aging and was thus raised in a virtual reality environment for a year or two of real time, came back in time to the present day, became a superhero, aged more normally between about 12 and 16, then went into the Speed Force and emerged as a 20-year-old adult. He was then killed and later resurrected in the 30th century again with a new 16-year-old body, and again returned to the present day.

His mentors have included Max Mercury and Jay Garrick, older speedsters.


Bart is portrayed by Kyle Gallner. He first appeared in Season 4 and had frequent appearances since. Between his first appearance and second appearance, he was recruited by Oliver Queen to join his Justice team.

Young Justice


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As far as superpower kink goes, Bart has two abilities rare among speedsters. He can vibrate (leading to obvious sexual possibilities). For a while he could also create energy doubles of himself called "scouts," which are sometimes used in fic for clonecest and moresomes.


In canon Bart has had romantic connections with Cissie King-Jones (Arrowette) and the scientist Valerie Perez. In fanworks he is most frequently paired with either or both of Tim Drake and Kon-El.

In Smallville he was paired with Chloe Sullivan, who he had a canon crush on.

When Bart had been introduced to the cartoon Young Justice caused a rise in the popularity of pairing him with Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle).


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