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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: AnneZo's Fiction Page
Author: AnneZo
Dates: ? - 2001 (last update)
Fandom: Due South, Highlander, Once a Thief, The Sentinel, The X-Files
URL: (Wayback)
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AnneZo's Fiction Page is an AnneZo's author page.

The site has different sections for Due South, Highlander, Once a Thief, The Sentinel, The X-Files and Lynnzo's fanfic (X-Files, Due South, Sentinel). It also has a page with "Some Directions for (but mostly Opinions about) Writing Good Slash".


Once a Horseman—Based on Comes A Horseman episode - Methos always knew that Kronos would find him some day. Now he's forced to choose between Duncan MacLeod and his own life. What does he think about when faced with such a choice?

Dark Night—Chronologically during the Something Wicked and Deliverance story line - The Dark Quickening was just a myth—until it happened to Duncan MacLeod. Methos was his only lifeline, his only chance to escape the evil power. Methos offered his help freely. Was he afraid of the evil Duncan MacLeod?

Variations III: Solution—Chronologically during Comes a Horseman and Revelation story line - This one was a challenge from a friend. She asked what might happen if Methos had a nightmare. What if, in his dreams, the Horsemen rode again? What if instead of Cassandra, their raid on that village had captured a very different prisoner? Like Duncan MacLeod. Here's my take on the story, you can find Ashlyn's and Meghan's versions of the theme below.

For Variations I and Meghan's other contributions to the world of fanfic—Meghan's fanfic.

For Variations II and Ashlyn's other contributions to the world of fanfic. Ashlyn's Fiction

Let's Dance -- DM/M—Why do you suppose Methos showed up MacLeod's door at the beginning of "Chivalry" instead of just calling him on the telephone? NC-17

Simple Pleasures—DM/M -- Duncan's attention wanders during sword practice and Methos decides to take steps to resolve the situation. NC-17

VARIATIONS Dream Lover—DM/M -- Here's something a bit different, but still based upon the Dream Variations theme. What if the Four Horsemen captured, not Cassandra, but Duncan MacLeod? In this AU version, Duncan is a young, and rather naive Highlander. NC-17

Illusion --- M/K -- Sequel to Dream Lover. When we left Methos, he was alone. But not for long. NC-17.

Melodramatic License—DM/M -- A spoof on the episode "Dramatic License." No offense to the original writers of this Highly Literary Episode is intended. The part of Amanda has been taken by Methos in this production. Mild. PG-13 for some kissing and suggestive talk.

Truce—Very mild sex theme - M/R—Chronologically after the Chivalry episode. Methos took Kirstin's head and in doing so, alienated Richie Ryan, Duncan's student and friend. If he wants to stay in Seacouver, Methos is going to have work to get back on the young's man's good side. Sex theme almost non-existent. But I prefer to be on the safe side. PG-13.

Once a Thief

Going Deep - M/V - NC-17 (5/3/99) - The boys get sent on an assignment. All on their own, since the Director decides that Li Ann would be too conspicuous on this one. Mac takes advantage of their isolation to make Victor an offer he can't refuse. Well, he could, but does he want to?

School Days - M/V - NC-17 - - (9/26/00) - Back to their real lives, the guys have a new case. Finding some time to be together is a problem.

Shooting Gallery - (12/30/99) - M/V - PG-13 - The case gets wound up. An unfortunate incident in a drug lab.

Trade Winds - - The boys go on vacation…but not exactly.

Hardly Working - (9/23/99) - M/V - NC-17 - Stand-alone story. Mac. Victor. A bed.


Bright Lights - - R - J/B - A rather short and still explicit story about a vacation that wasn't quite what it was expected to be.

LINK- "This will take you to Mallory Klohn's site so you can read my story, her story (Kids Under 12 Drink Free), and Carol Ventura's story (Bette Midler's Death Mask). All three tales are Variations on a Theme (i.e., Jim and Blair in Las Vegas, and not at a cop convention)."

Breathe Deeply—G - Pre-slash story featuring domestic poisoning and a spurious threat of legal action.

Bonanza -- - (9/00) - PGish - Snippet in three pages. Quasi-intellectual conversation and perversion.

due South

From the fiction page:

I think it's time to make something perfectly clear. didn't see due South until TNT started re-running the Kowalski episodes. From where I'm sitting, that makes Ray K the "original" Ray and that other guy is the interloper. Got it? Ray K is cute, he's cuddly, and he's clearly dying to sit on Fraser's lap. My stories are for him."

The Other Gift - - G - (1/7/2000) - Somewhat belated, here's a non-canon, stand-alone gen story about Ray's first Christmas posing as Vecchio.

STEPPING OUT (series of short-short stories)

Stepping off - (7/4/99) - The guys are supposed to be on a stake-out. Well, really they are on one. But there are each other.

Blame it on the Bossa Nova (posted 4/30/2000) PG for kissing - Wherein said distractions are discussed.

Dreams of Brass-- (7/4/99) - NC-17 Ray dreams of Fraser and past events in his life.

Keeping Secrets -- (7/4/99) - A G-rating, I think. The morning after the night before....

Stay and Play -- - NC-17 - (1/7/2000) Dinner and...dessert?

The X-Files

Mulder/Skinner - Tonight Series

Author's notes: "If it were me, I'd read these in the order they appear here. I'm not claiming any Literary Merit or even Plot, but being the lazy type, I tend to refer back to things that happened in previous stories. Your choice, of course."

Tonight - It's late . . . Scully and the prisoner are sleeping in the other room. Mulder needs something to amuse himself with. Luckily, Assistant Director Skinner is there . . . . Not *that* naughty. I'd say an *R* rating. But then, I'm liberal.

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch - Rather less pointless than some, but still lacking any real plot. Or character development. But I did spell-check it. There's got to be a morning after story. This is mine. It's the morning after Tonight. We're definitely into NC-17 here.

Call Waiting - Completely pointless story that takes place when Skinner has to work late one night. This story serves no useful purpose and does not advance the good of humanity in any fashion. Nothing happens. There's some dirty talk but that's it. If you're looking for explicit sexual material, don't read this one. On the other hand, it may make you giggle. Author disclaims any responsibility for any bean-counter types who are offended.

You Have Been Chosen - Skinner gets home to find not one, but two uninvited guests waiting for him. Well, no, that isn't the point of the story. The point of the story is that Mulder's acting weird and . . . no, that isn't really the point. There really isn't a point. Again, there may be a line or two that makes you giggle. That's about all the merit it has. Oh yeah, again we're getting into NC-17 territory.

Means, Motive, Opportunity - More or less in here somewhere, Mulder takes off on an authorized stakeout. Which doesn't figure much into the story but it gave me a reason to get them together in an alley. The sex is not particularly graphic. R.

Please Hold - Completely pointless story that takes place when Mulder is in Las Vegas on an investigation. As with so many of my other stories, nothing actually happens. A few dirty words, some suggestions of m/m sex, that's all. R

Gone Fishing - On the other hand, this one has copious amounts of sex but little else. Skinner takes his annual vacation and Mulder decides to follow him and brighten up his existence. Whether or not he succeeds is anyone's guess. NC-17 and I apologize to anyone offended by the gratuitous excess of sex.

Private Party - Again with the sex and no plot. Stiff-necked AD Skinner goes off to a party, leaving Mulder at home to wait for him. Thus, it serves Walter right that someone spiked the pastries with illegal drugs. Now he has to go home and face a disapproving and talkative Agent Mulder. Definitely NC-17 here.

Reverse Charges - Another one of those pointless ones. This time Skinner's the one dialing the phone, to tell Mulder about the sexy new fast-track management trainee who was assigned to him under a new Bureau program. He's respectful, attentive, and eager to please. My own respect and love to Ethan, who graciously gave me permission to borrow and abuse the memorable Jackson White. I think we're into R territory, although there's no actual sex.

Forward Pass - Follow-up to Reverse Charges. Mulder's back in the office and breathing fire about Walter's new Boy Toy. Looks like the AD's plan to make Mulder jealous worked. On the other hand, the AD has some questions of his own when he finds out that Mulder has a previous acquaintance with the young man. No actual sex in this one.

Dial Tone - It's the end of Jackson White, as far as his ability to come between A D Skinner and his favorite Special Agent is concerned. In a couple of phone calls, we find out more about White's attempts to seduce one or both of the lovers and finally see him reap a somewhat poetic reward. We may and or may not be into R territory - there's no actual sex.

Flotsam - Mulder and Scully are on a case that isn't going well. Mulder, with a little time on his hands, decides to write an informal status report for the AD. G rating (Give me a break, he can't write an actual love letter and hand it to someone to mail, can he? Try reading between the lines.)

Black Masque - (POSTED 1-11-98) -- Assistant Director Skinner receives a somewhat anonymous invitation to a costume ball. NC-17.

A Little Adventure - (12/23/97) -- It's Walter's birthday, and Mulder may, or may not, have found the perfect gift "for the man who has everything." Short and smutty. NC-17

Home for Christmas - (12/23/97) -- Entirely pointless and very short story where Mulder lures Skinner to an empty room in a hotel and they have sex. Of course, everyone in their office is attending the annual holiday dinner just down the hall, but Mulder's good at ignoring the facts. NC-17

Investigation: Mars - PG-13 (2/6/98) -- I don't have any idea where this story came from, but you slash fans should be aware that it's from Scully's POV. When I sat down to write it, it just turned out to be her talking. In case you've ever wondered what Mulder's partner thinks about his relationship with their boss . . . well, you won't find out much here. Basic no-plot story. No sex, either.

After Hours - NC-17 - (5/3/98) -- Garden gnomes are featured in this story. Well, one gnome is talked about, anyhow. There's a full-body massage of dubious eroticism. Not much else going on.

Circular Logic - PG-13 (5/3/98) -- Scully's got a hot date. That is, if she can convince Mulder to stop sharing his theories about crop circles, get back into the car, and let the two of them finish the drive back to Washington. That's about all there is to it. Oh, yeah, she enlists someone with a little more authority than she has to get her partner moving.

On Cue - NC-17 (5/16/98) -- Mulder's got an idea to spice up his sex life with the AD, but Skinner's not interested. Mulder talks him into it. And he talks, and he talks, and he talks, until his irritated lover decides to get a little revenge.

Don't Talk Back - (5/30/98) -- Mulder hopes to introduce Walter to the joys of electronic sex. Walter is predictably resistant. No actual sex, but certainly dirty talk.

False Alarm - NC-17 (6/9/98) -- A little piece of nothing inspired by a discussion on X/ about the smutty potential of Mulder being immobilized in the fireman's carry.

Balanced Diet - NC-17 -- (9/4/98) Mulder. Skinner. Cherry jello. Complete lack of plot.

Chat Night - PG-13 (9/4/98) More chatting pointlessness.

Tyler Tales

Dinner for Two - NC-17 Nothing special about this one. I had an idea for another "first time" story and here it is. Special Agent Mulder catches AD Skinner fending off the embraces of another Bureau employee and threatens to spread the juicy gossip unless his boss does him a very special favor.

On the Road Again - NC-17 (5/30/98) -- Mulder rescues Skinner from the lustful advances of Tyler again and once again claims his reward. In spite of his better judgement, Skinner gets carried away.

Deuces Wild - NC-17 (7/23/98) -- The peculiar Mrs. Tyler returns. This time Walter's escape isn't so simple. Also, he and Mulder try to figure out what the heck they're doing and whether or not they're each up to the challenge of trying to make this work.

Weekend Pass - R (9/13/98) The boys have a real date? Mrs. Tyler does not make an appearance. Short and absurdly sweet.

Time to Spend - NC-17 (12/25/98) You guessed it. Mrs. Tyler is back. And this time, she's bringing reinforcements.

Time Out - NC-17 (12/25/98) - Later that incredibly short interlude that serves no other purpose than to let the guys have sex.

Tyler's Corner - NC-17 - (2/2/99) -- Again with the irritating Tyler family. One of them decides to make their intentions toward the beleaguered A.D. perfectly clear. Somehow it just figures that Mulder is there to witness the crime.

Sideshow - NC-17 - (2/9/99) -- One Tyler, Two Tylers...any Tylers are too many Tylers. Mulder's patience with Walter's fan club seems to be wearing thin. Walter's patience is wearing thin as well, but he would have been wiser to have kept his temper.

And now for something completely different....

Billowing Seas - (2/9/99) - NC-17. Kind of M/Sk and M/K and K/Other and whatnot. A longer story for which I have absolutely no description at this moment, other that it's a sort of pirate AU thingy and completely absurd. I feel compelled to offer even more than the usual apologies for the idiocy of this piece.

Bless You - (list posted 2/14/99, posted here 7/4/99) - PG-13ish - Sk/K - I've written some pointless stuff in my time, but this one really takes the prize. Alex has a head cold.

Freudian Sleep - (list posted 7/13/98, posted here 12/30/99) - NC-17. Dreams. Sex. Warning - a reference to Mulder in spandex appears in this story.

Krycek stories


Sound and Vision - ADULT - M/Sk/K (Sort of) - NC-17—In my usual tradition of stealing stuff from Ethan, I have to admit that his Rogaine, Rats, and Baseball Bats story inspired this take on what might happen if Ratboy Alex Krycek decided to pursue an unauthorized stake-out on Mulder's apartment.

Alternatives - M/K - NC-17 (2/22/98) -- A Choose Your Own Adventure story. Mulder and Alex being who they are, there's really no way to tell, how the encounter is going to go when they get together. In that spirit, I'm giving you alternatives in this one. Every now and then, you'll have your choice of which direction you think the action would go.

Sweet Dreams - NC-17 - (9/10/98) Alex is on the run in the days after One Breath (spoiler for that one) and pretty bored. With nothing better to do, he amuses himself with a series of highly improbable sex fantasies featuring himself and his favorite former partner.

Alex's Party - PG-13 - (12/25/98) - No real description exists for this one. In fact, it's an excerpt from a longer work. M/K but not exactly. In fact, it's perilously near to being gen. Anyhow, it would appear that Alex has kidnapped Mulder, for reasons unknown.... You should be warned that this story barely has a beginning, has little of a real ending, and practically nothing happens in between.

One Night

  • One Night - NC-17—I just thought the world needed one more story where Alex gets his hands on his former partner and coerces/coaxes him into having sex. Set near the end of "One Breath" so it's a spoiler. Note - It has been pointed out to me that this story pretty much walks the line between consensual and non-consensual (i.e., rape) sex. I considered re-writing it but couldn't think of any way to fix it that didn't involve a complete re-write and that wouldn't result in an entirely different story. So, I didn't re-write it. You Have Been Warned.
  • Second Night - NC-17 (2/24/98) -- For those of you not particularly enamored of SM, here's an alternate sequel to One Night. Again, Alex has been thinking his former partner. Specifically, which will surprise no one, Alex has been thinking about the possibility of having sex with his former partner. So, he decides to pay him an unscheduled visit to see if he can interest Mulder in the idea.


Alley Trap - NC-17 - (9/4/98) Mulder chases Krycek into an alley with a view to arresting him for . . . something. No one's really sure. Don't know what to rate it. Lots of smutty talk, no actual sex.

Blueberry Season - NC-17 - (9/4/98) Rather predictable sequel. No arrests. Rather a lot of blueberries and bondage. Actual sex.

Blue Series

By A Blue Sea - (Chapter 1) - NC-17 (6/2/98) -- In response to Anna's Hot Summer challenge. (Or Surf 'n Turf, or whatever.) In this one, Mulder is sulking on the beach, determined not to enjoy his vacation until an unexpected visitor swings by and insists on changing his mind.

Once In Blue Waters - (Chapter 2) - NC-17 (6/14/98) Predictably, a sequel to Blue Sea. Just in case you were wondering what happens next. The boys go for a hike and find a waterfall. Much sexual activity ensues.

Under a Blue Light - (Chapter 3) - NC-17 (6/16/98) The boys go to dinner. (Is this beginning to sound like a Dick-and-Jane book to anyone except me?) Then they go to a bar where various men lust after their beautiful bodies and an acquaintance of Mulder's is determined to make trouble between the Romantic Duo.

A Long, Blue Night - (Chapter 4) - NC-17 (7/5/98) The boys go to a party. But it's less interesting than they expect, not that they expected much, so they sneak off and . . . big surprise . . . have sex!

Blue Sky - (Chapter 5) - NC-17 (7/24/98) It's hot, the boys go shopping, they fight, it rains. (Am I alone in thinking that I have *really* got to strive for more Plot in these stories?)