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Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) is a style of story where the reader can "choose" the path the story takes. Many readers are probably familiar with this style of storytelling from the related genre of literature such as Goosebumps' "Give Yourself Goosebumps" spin-off or Ballantine Books' "Find Your Fate" series. The format was extremely popular on Quizilla where the quiz format made it easy to set up branching paths for readers to follow,[1] but is also in use on AO3[2] as well as Wattpad.[3] Stories in this format have been banned at FanFiction.Net since 2005[note 1] but the rule is not strictly enforced and CYOA stories can still be found on the site.

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Fan Comments

Omg, but the age of Quizilla choose-your-own-adventure style fic tho. Pretty sure that was a thing. Because I definitely wrote one.[4]

I remember there being some choose-your-adventure type fics half in quiz format, then when you finished the quiz they'd link back to a fic on the site. Usually either you or the character was a vampire, I think?[1]

Yeah sex is cool, but have you ever spent an afternoon reading through a kinky lesbian cyoa monster-girl fic posted on hypnohub out of morbid curiosity?[5]

can the russos just release all deleted scenes so we can redo endgame like a choose-your-own-adventure book[6]

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