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Name: AnneZo, annezo
Type: writer
Fandoms: Highlander, XF, OAT, dS, SGA
Other: AnneZo's Fiction Page
URL: (blog, defunct)
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AnneZo is a fan and writer who has written in several fandoms.

Fandom History

AnneZo became active in fandom back in the dark ages (1978), on the same day that she discovered that "fandom" was a "thing." Approximately ninety seconds later, she was introduced to "slash" and life was good.

In retrospect, she realizes that being active in fandom wasn't the same as being a fan—memory tells her that she was barely more than a toddler when her viewing of I Spy, in first run, had her dreaming about the friendship of Kelly and Scotty and imagining their further adventures. After those days, The Man From Uncle was her next fannish love, followed in short order by Star Trek: TOS. She was a fan—and a slash fan—long before the day that first print fanzine crossed her path.

She joined online fandom somewhere around 1994 when she was trolling around that new internet thingy, trying to figure out what the fuss was all about and whether or not it was going to be a fad or something that would last.

Anne likes to write, but prefers to read. She is also tired of talking about herself in the third person and can't think of anything else to say.