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Name: Ultimate Slash Links , USL
Owner/Maintainer: Krychick
Dates: created March 1, 1999
Type: index site
Fandom: multifandom
URL: http://adult.dencity.com/Krychick/usl.html
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Ultimate Slash Links (also known as USL) was a link index for slash sites.

Description from Mac & Anna's Place: "A comprehensive list of links and mailing lists."[1]


This page links directly to adult content. Specifically, same sex romantic interaction. If you are under the age of majority in your area or object to this content, please leave. You have been warned.

Karen's Slash Fan Fiction on the Net is up and running again! As a result of this, there is now a lot of overlap between our two sites. You can find Karen's links at Slash Fan Fiction on the Net.

If you'd like to be listed here, or if you need to report a broken link, please e-mail me at [email]. Please make it clear in your e-mail whether you are asking for your own site to be listed, or if you are proposing someone else's site.

Please feel welcome to link to this site on your pages. The better known it is, the more link submissions I get, and the more I know I'm helping people to find the fiction they crave. -smile-[2]
– Ultimate Slash Links home page

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