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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Adalisa's Page
Author: Adalisa
Dates: February 1999 or before - ?
Fandom: multifandom,
URL: (1999 - 2005/06) (2005/06 - ?)

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Adalisa's Page is a Adalisa's fanfic page. It was linked to as Adalisa's Page from the Fan Fiction Directory[1] but the page itself went through a number of different names, including From Fics to Scripts to essays, Before the Play and Inner Fangirl.

The page hosted gen fanfic in Spanish, slash stories in Spanish and English and essays in Spanish and English. As of August 1999, there were four main fandoms: Due South, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and Cupid. It was also listed at Ultimate Slash Links as a site featuring 21 Jump Street slash.[2]

By 2004 the page was named Before the Play and included additional fandoms such as Hercules and Xena, *NSync, Red Dwarf, Saint Seiya, Young Justice, Sailor Moon and Original Slash.[3] Between 2005 and 2006 the page moved to a new URL and was renamed Inner Fangirl. The Inner Fangirl page had four subpages:

  • Sounds in Spanish - A tribute to the voice actors in México.
  • Before the Play - All fics, rants, fanart, links, fanlistings and assorted fandom work.
  • Xander the Vampire Slayer - A site about Xander. Everything about him.
  • Hollywood Sanctuary - Having fun with Saint Seiya. Also, some photomanips. Home of my movie parodies.

The site was a member of the Nicholas Brendon Triad Webring, the Slash Fan Fiction Ring and the Lore of the Slayer webring.[4] The Xander the Vampire Slayer page was listed in the link section of Saber ShadowKitten's Buffy FanFiction page.[5]



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