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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Sabershadowkat's Home Page
Author: Sabershadowkat
Dates: 1998 or before - present
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Queer as Folk, Smallville, Young Americans, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, Harry Potter, Sorority Boys, Original Fiction, Manga & Anime fandoms, Lord of the Rings, Spiderman
URL: Hollow/5214/btvs.html (Wayback)
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Sabershadowkat's Home Page is Sabershadowkat's fanfiction site. An older version of the site also had a section with fanfiction by other authors.[1] The site started out as Saber ShadowKitten's Buffy FanFiction page on GeoCities.

The Buffy fanfic site was a member of the Lore of the Slayer Fanfic Ring, the Demons & Dreams Spike Fiction Ring, the Xander and Cordy Fan Ring, the Forces of Darkness webring and the Ring of Unconventional BtVS Relationships.[2]

The page features Harry Potter recs with a focus on Harry/Draco slash. The background of the HP recs page uses an inverted color version of a piece of Draco fanart by Black Rose.

Description from Le Jardin de Givre:

Saber Shadowkitten's Buffy Fanfiction is exactly what it sounds like. Head on over for some really, really, really fine fiction. Just about any character you want, you'll find excellent fiction containing that character here. Everyone she writes comes out seeming like realistic sex-on-legs. Because this is so, I respect this lady to no end. So, go! Read! Feedback (you won't be able to help it)! Great fic. Not to mention wonderful links to other excellent Buffy-verse stories and some lovely essays (learn everything you need to know to write Spike, people.)[3]

Description from Pointy Stakes:

Saber is one of the goddesses of Buffyfic, both het and slash. She's written more stories than I'll *ever* be able to read, which means there's always more to come back for, and it's all good. With my predilictions, y'all know I recommend her Xander/Spike series (multiple) heartily. Especially "Brass Knackers," which is some of the hottest and most amusing X/S sex I've ever read. But there's more: Angel/Spike abounds, and you must read the "I Hated You Because..." series. Het-wise, if you're into Willow/Spike, check out the Summer Silly Fics/Higher Learning. Wonderful mostly innocent lovey-stuff between our boy and the witchy-girl. (Okay, before I was corrupted by slash, I was into Willow/Spike. I still have a wee soft spot for it, even though I eat, breathe, and write (mostly m/m) slash these days.)[4]

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