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Name: AddictiveStigmata
Dates: August 1998 (web counter) - 2001 (Wayback capture)
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL: addictivestigmata.htm (1999) (2001)
intro page 2000
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AddictiveStigmata started out as a Spike fanfiction page and later expanded to feature the unholy trinity of Drusilla, Spike, and Angelus. The site hosted Demons & Dreams, the homepage of the Spike Fiction Webring.[1]

AddictiveStigmata was listed in the link section of Saber ShadowKitten's Buffy FanFiction page.[2]

Between 1999 and 2000 the site moved to a new URL.[3] The layout was revamped a few times.


f a n . f i c . t i o n

Comedy, darkness and smut, not necessarily combined in that order; and usually fea-turing the unholy trinity of Dru, Spike, and Angelus. Bullets, bubblegum, development hell, and random non-fiction stuff, including the infamous Mary-Sue generator.

d e . m o n s & d r e a m s

Got a site with some Spikey fanfiction on it? Join the spike fiction webring, or browse the 100-plus Spike fanfiction member sites listed.

n o i r a . w a r d s

Where I rave about other people's fic. Recommendations and lurid praise. I'm about six months behind on giving out the awards at the moment, but I'll catch up some time.

v e . n u s e n . v y

I love Faith. I tell the world. Currently under construction (due to me revamping the rest of the site yet again) but soon to feature a bunch of Faith worship.

i m . a g e s

Where old layouts go to die. Also where I keep BtVS images that catch my eye, and manipulated images I produced during misguided attempts at redesign.

a . d o p t

Adopt a fugly, also known as the Ugly Vampire Adoption Centre, where no one is cute, and crack-addled satire is king.

i n . s p i r . a t i o n

A bunch of text that has inspired/ is currently inspiring, me to write, as well as a sound-track section, which features mp3's and lyrics from music I've used to write to.

d e . t a i l s

Awards, credits, disclaimer, clubs, memberships, praise, browser recommendations. Also a mailing list you can join for updates, if you're really keen.

a . b o u t

Site shit. The FAQ. A little about me.



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