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Name: Demons & Dreams: Spike Fiction Webring
Date Founded: 25 November 1999 or before
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Focus: fanfiction
URL: (Wayback)
D e m o n s & D r e a m s.png

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Demons & Dreams: Spike Fiction Webring is a webring for Spike fanfiction sites. The webring homepage was hosted by AddictiveStigmata.

I've started this ring since I've had trouble finding any Spike fan webrings that accepted sites with adult material. That's not to say you have to have adult fic on your site to join this ring-- just that we don't mind if you do. What you do need to have to join, is at least a couple of pieces of fic featuring Spike, or at a pinch, Dru or Angelus, on your website. Already a sizable number of sites have joined, so hopefully, this will turn into a handy resource for tracking down Spike fiction on the 'net.

Member Sites

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