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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Awena's Homepage
Author: Ishi
Dates: 2000s
Fandom: X-Files, Star Trek Voyager, Star Wars, First Wave, Dragon Ball Z
URL: (Wayback link)
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Awena's Homepage (or Garden of the Red-Cross Knight) was a personal slash and yaoi fanfiction site.

The site was a member of the Slash Recommendations webring, The Mulder/Krycek Slash Ring, the Slash Fan Fiction Ring, The YAOI Fanfiction Webring, the Dragonball Yaoi webring and The M/K 'Fight Club' Tour Ring.[1]

It was listed at Ultimate Slash Links as Awena's Homepage in the category Star Wars slash websites.[2]


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X-Files Stories

Five Minutes M/K Slash: NC17 Mulder has five minutes to convice Krycek of

Deviltry M/K Slash: R,*spoiler for Dreamland* What if Krycek worked for the shadowy Mr.Fletcher. Mulder might actually begin to enjoy this particular X-file

Missing Scene from SR819 M/K Slash: NC-17 standard smut, locked room, blindfold, tight leather gloves and Alex in a beard

P.M.S. or (pregnant mulder story) M/K Slash: NC-17, WIP. How to explain this...a couple of curious aliens coughmarysuecough aduct Mulder and Alex and well, strange things happen.

Downstairs. Co-authored with Juxian Tang M/K Slash: NC-17. This a violent one folks. Mulder takes out his aggressions on a very tired Krycek. But he sort of says he's sorry.

Star Wars stories

Crash Into You SW Slash, H/Lu: NC-17 Ah my first Luke Skywalker: Slut Puppy story: Han tries to seduce Luke on the way to Alderaan and discovers the 'kid' is not quite what he seems.

Only You SW Slash, H/Lu: R Ah my second Luke Skywalker: Slut Puppy story: Luke makes his feelings clear to Han in a round-a-bout fashion.

Only You II SW Slash, H/Lu: NC-17 Part 2 - the begged for sex scene

Bonded SW Slash, H/Ch, H/Lu(implied): PG-13 Has anyone really explored the meaning of Chewbacca's life bond to Han? set in Jabba's Palace dungeon, Chewie comforts Han. And NO it's not squicky!

First Wave

Burning Man First Wave Slash, C/Os, C/E: NC-17 Cade falls into the wrong hands in the little town of Athlone (Mind the warnings please!!)


Shadows. Something Else. Slash, C/P: NC-17 Tom undergoes a dramatic personality change and develops an unhealthy obsession with Chakotay Warning: Knife play, blood, rape/torture

Cover the Mirror. Slash, C/P: NC-17 Chakotay's POV of the events in ...Shadows. Something Else. A companion piece Warning: disturbing subject matter

Dragon Ball Z

Taking Control My first DBZ story. Piccolo x Goku. LEMON - NC-17. Goku is having marital problems. Piccolo helps.

Ode to the Pink Shirt Goku x Vegeta. LEMON - NC-17. During the Buu Saga, Vegeta comes back from the dead, Trunks plays a joke, Goku plays a joke, and Vegeta gets very annoyed. But he gets better. Lame title, I know. Gomen.

Zine Recommendations and Reviews


X-Plicit Fantasies ~ An all slash X-Files Zine. copyright 1997 by Maverick Press. Features M/K and M/Sk.

X-Plicit Fantasies 2 ~ An all slash X-Files Zine. copyright 1997 by Maverick Press. Features M/K and M/Sk.

The Gift of an Enemy by Sylvia ~ An X-Files M/K slash novel. Published by Teeny Gozer. Mulder becomes involved in a 'business' deal with a mysterious being and receives, as a gift in good faith, one Alex Krycek.

eXposure ~ An X-Files slash zine featuring M/K and M/Sk (and OAT). There are too many great stories in this zine to describe them all so I'll just name a couple. Quill's 'Not in This Zipcode' is a wonderful casefile with a fascinating romantic twist. Jane Symons' 'Dostoyevsky's Tea' is now available online but this romantic and humorous story is well worth purchasing in print. Also features two more of my favorite authors: Cody Nelson and Brenda Antrim. copyright 1997 by IIBNF Press

Double eXposure ~ An X-Files slash zine featuring M/K and M/Sk. The second of this series is every bit as wonderful as the first. Jane Symons' lends yet another gorgeous tale with "Fish are Jumping', a story that takes place while Krycek is in Hong Kong and runs into a rather curious and helpful shape-shifter. I also highly recommend the bittersweet tale by Kal Romine called "Krycek Unarmed" that will have your eyes tearing even as it has you squirming in your seat. Also has stories by Brenda Antrim, torch, and Liza McGrath among others. copyright 1998 by IIBNF Press

M/K Ultra ~ A Mulder/Krycek slash zine. Stories by Sugar Rush, poetry by Cody Nelson and artwork by Cody Nelson and Randym. copyright 1998 by Maverick Press. Note: Most of the stories in this zine are currently available online.

A Fish Called Krycek by Sarah Bellum ~ An AU X-Files slash novel featuring M/K.

In a very alternate universe, marine biologist Fox Mulder locates and revives an injured merman, whom he promptly names Krycek. This story is so original and so unique. I can't rave enough about it. The relationship that develops between Mulder and his merman is a bond so rich and complex that there is never any doubt as to Krycek's sentience or desire for Mulder. For more Fish praise visit The Temple of the Fish. Published by IIBFN Press.

Il Traviato by Cody Nelson, copyright 1997. An X-Files slash novel featuring M/K that covers the Mulder/Krycek relationship from Sleepless to Apocrypha. Lots of angst, love and pain, not necessarally in that order. Published by Straight Up Press.

The Best Lies by Cody Nelson ~ An X-Files slash novel featuring M/K. A first time story taking place after Paper Clip that gives Mulder and Krycek a reason to work together and the chance to find love. Published by Straight Up Press.

Star Wars

Elusive Lover Three zines. I can't begin to describe the sheer beauty and depth of these collections of Han/Luke stories. Somewhat hard to find, so if you see one--GRAB IT! Purchased from Maverick Press. The latest Elusive Lover, a collection of AU stories is now available. Go to the Elusive Lover site for ordering info.

Kingdom of Shadows I, II and III. by Cara J. Loup. Incredible!! This epic, told in three novellas. This is a fabulous Han/Luke story. Frought with danger, love, angst, It's got everything, with a complex and intriguing plot. Again, these are hard to find, so keep a look out! Purchased from Maverick Press.

The Sentinel

The Jungle Book by Katrina Bowen. A fabulous Sentinel slash novel describing how Jim and Blair first met in rain forests of Peru. A very sweet, loving tale of two very different men who realize how much they complete one another.

Heroes III: A Celebration of Masculine Passion ~ copyright by KnightWriter Press. A multimedia slash zine including such fandoms as: X-Files, Professionals, Battlestar Galactica, Quantum Leap, ST:TNG and Miami Vice. I purchased this zine primarily for the Battlestar Galactica stories (kinda hard to find) and I was not disappointed.

Nothing To Hide This is simply one of the *best* multimedia slash zines I ever read. NtH has a multitude of stories from a wide range of fandoms, everything from MASH and Big Valley to X-files, OAT, Starsky and Hutch, Sentinel, I could go on and on. It even has a marvelous Pros/ST:TOS crossover. Includes such authors as Richel Darrah, Lianne Burwell, Jane Mailander, Cassandra, Anne Higgens, Flamingo... This is one zine I consistently press upon anyone and everyone who asks me about zines. Just Buy It! ~ published by Get-The-Boys-Together-Press. copywrite 1998. Purchased through Danajeanne Norris.

Links to Zine publications

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Other Stuff

I'll just start at the top with Info, pics, bio, pics, other projects, did I mention pics?

Mighty Big TV. This has got to be my favorite website in the world (well, non-slash favorite anyway). I just hang out here and wait for new recaps of all my fave TV shows to come out; Enterprise, Angel, Buffy, CSI, Smallville. Yeah, yeah, I have no life.

Drac-In-A-Box: Goth Clothes!! Yummy, yumyum.

GoodGoth:More Goth Clothes!! And lovely makeup too.

Gothic: The Old Curiosity Shop Goth Schtuff!! All that is Dark can be found here.

Gothikdesigns Gorgeous custom-made dresses!!

Pennangalon Shoes and Fetishwear I would sell my soul for these particular boots. Must...Get...A...Job.

Graphicy Stuff and Art Links

SyberGypsy's Theme Magick. Gorgeous desktop themes and screensavers.

Robin Wood Fantasy art, prints, and software by Robin Wood.

David Morgan photographs. Need I say more.

The Artists: Michel Parkes, Arthur Tess....

Theban Band - gorgeous artwork!

Moyra's Web Jewels. Gorgeous graphical sets to download.

Doug's Color Charts. Just thought I'd throw this in. Excellent RGB Hex Triplet color chart.

Kurt Grigg's Javascripts.

ScreamDesign Script library.



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